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Talk Round-up

7 December 2012 

And finally, the MN Carol Service begins. <tootles organ>

BeyondTheLimitsOfAcceptability got things started, and thanks also to lyricists InSPsFanjoNoOneHearsYouScream, Tiredmumno1, rhondajean, LilyThePinkaPinkaPink, ShakySingsMerryXmasEveryone, MoonlightMerrimentandMistletoe, SnowyBeardySantaman – not forgetting Falconhoof, who is responsible for the eleventh day <points finger accusingly>.

Clear your throats and smile for the mums and dads, now.


"On the twelfth day of Christmas, Mumsnet gave to me...
Twelve comments deleted,
Eleven c***worms crawling,
Ten 'leave the b*stards',
Nine precious firstborns,
Eight glasses of wine,
Seven massive bunfights,
Six posters judging,
Fiiiiive Mumsnet scarves!
Four parking threads,
Three trolling trolls,
Two Google searches,
and a Christmas name for Mary Zee!"

"If I have to listen to Fairytale of New York on the harpsichord once more I may have to do something very unseasonable to my neighbour," fumed waitingtobeamummy (just wait until you are a mummy: your time will come on the noise front).

"Stealth boast!" spotted Sparklingbrook. "You have well posh neighbours." While MrsChristmasVamos looked on the bright side: "It could be worse. It could be Cliff."

HairyGrotter, however, was empathetic to the point of mania. "My four-year-old DD is getting a drum kit for Christmas, my neighbour downstairs is an <bleep>-hole... 2013 is MY FARKING YEAR."

"What would a Royal post on MN?" wondered MardyBra, this week prompted by Wills and Kate's happy news. <waves to the Duchess of Cambridge, no doubt already a member> 

"In Baby Names: It's a girl. I don't really like Elizabeth much - even as a middle name - but MIL will go ape if I don't use it," Mardy first suggested. "Teenagers: My DD is dead set on being a train driver, but I've told her over and over that she's got to be a monarch" or "Weaning: Is it absolutely necessary to use a silver spoon?"

Stormforce10 has been reading the newspapers and wondered if the Duchess might be whining: "FFS some random woman has given my DH a babygro and I hate it, but now I'll be expected to do a press conference with the baby wearing it." While the unstoppable MardyBra returned with, "Car Seats: Anyone know any models that fit a gold coach?" and "Feminism: DD wants to dress up as a princess all the time, but I want to teach her that that's unrealistic and that she should make her own way in the world. Oh wait, hang on..."

Nancy66 thought she might be worried about her barnet. "I have the best hair in the whole world. I mean really. Everyone loves my hair. Will having a baby ruin it?" Answer, BTW, is YES. [bitter face]

Finally, Psammead was concerned about the shopping, "Christmas: DH's nan is bloody impossible to buy for - she seems to own just about everything. Should I go for a slanket?"

Do be sure and watch out for developments on Gransnet, folks.

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