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Talk Round-up

30 November 2012

Sanpro KLAXON!

"Help, I've lost my Mooncup!" panicked Flojo1979. "Just came on today, went to get it from its usual storage place, it's not there. I've looked everywhere... Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Surely it can't be up there? I'd have died from toxic shock by now, wouldn't I? I'm worried. I've had...ya know...with a man."

"You haven't measured any liquid out when cooking lately, have you?" asked Jingleflobba, innocently. "Have the kids been playing in the bath with any new toys recently?"

Fear not, Flojo's all over that particular line of enquiry. "I asked DCs if they'd seen 'a strange squidgy, see-through thingy', but neither seems to have. Unless Barbie has borrowed it?"

"Well, Barbie is more realistic than she used to be," mused Jingle. <awaits Mooncup Barbie in Argos next year>

JesusInTheCabbageVan was worried. "Uh, oh! Do your DC have show-and-tell at school? Do you vet what they take in?"

And on that bombshell...


More Sanpro KLAXONS! (You are spoiling us, MN Ambassador...)

"Mooncup warning!" announced GlaikitFizzog. "They seriously are the best thing since sliced bread," she reported (they seriously are, by the way). "But if you put it on to boil, DO NOT get engrossed in Holby City. <opens all windows to get rid of smell of burning rubber>"

Oh. <wafts>

Still, at least she's not TaggieCampbellBlack, who gave up boiling after: "I needed it quick, boiled it, then shoved it up straight away. Ow. Ow. Ow."

"I find that the sensation of a warm Mooncup up one's nethers is strangely enjoyable. <overshares>" confessed MooncupGoddess. "What about one that has a slightly melted bit round the rim?" asked Glaikit. Still, she has a 'make lemonade' kinda husband at least. "He suggested I market it as 'ribbed for her pleasure'."

SirBoobAlot, it turns out, is also someone who looks on the bright side, commenting: "For once I'm glad to have PCOS and not have to worry about this every month."

, meanwhile, had this charming story to recount. "DS1 found the little bag containing mine in the bathroom drawer this morning. 'Mummy, DON'T LOOK - I have found your Christmas present!'"

Four weeks, people, four weeks...

"What do you think MNHQ think of us?" wondered VictorAndBarry this week. "Are we a nest of warm-hearted, witty, entertaining fools who bring joy to their working day? Or the fodder that somehow, and I am not sure how, pays their wages, and they think we are air-headed buffoons for spending time on the net?"

MissAnnersley has a theory: "I think that they view us the way teachers view their pupils - a mixture of love and despair." Trills and Honeydragon are broadly in agreement, with one reckoning, "They think we are dopey yet loveable fools who don't understand that AIBU is only for threads where you are asking if you are being unreasonable," and the other ostensibly of the opinion that, "They think we are jolly reasonable sorts who provide them with a straightforward easy time. <falls over laughing>"

MardyBra decided to show off her cojones, calling out to the powers-that-be: "C'mon then, MNHQ. Here's your chance to get it off your chests!"

"We luff you all," came the reply. Awww. Good ol' RebeccaMumsnet. And apparently she hadn't even been drinking. 

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