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Talk Round-up

7 September 2012    

"AIBU to wonder why my brother signed my birthday card Kenneth Branagh, when he isn't?" asked a very reasonable firemansamisnormansdad this week. "WTF?" 

What indeed? To clarify... as MrsKeithRichards had it: "You got a card off your brother signed in some random name?" Uh-huh.

"Was it a joke?" asked Teamumizumi, before adding: "Who's Kenneth Branagh anyway?" <pause for A Lot of MNers to feel Very Old Indeed>

PureMorning is sympathetic, having herself grown up with a rather formal (although technically accurate) attitude to nomenclature, because: "My dad writes his full name then puts 'ie your father' at the the bottom of the card."


Fortunately, firemansam is back to shed some light. "He wrote 'Happy Birthday love XXX, XXX and XXXX (Kenneth Branagh).' There are three of them in the family so I don't know whether they're expecting again and are going to call the new baby Kenneth Branagh, or whether they've got a new cat. Kenneth Branagh is an actor who was married to Emma Thompson and was Professor Lockhart in the second Harry Potter film." And is definitely not her brother, mmm-kay?

YouMakeMeWannaLaLa also has a male sib whose writing style might generously be described as unusual. "He put in my wedding card: 'Now that you are married, your naked couplings will no longer make the baby Jesus cry.' He was joking, I think."

But why can't firemansamisnormansdad just call her DB and find out? "Right, I can't phone my brother as I don't have his home number (he moved and I've probably lost it) and he keeps changing his mobile number. The plot thickens because the card itself was one of those e-cards so DB didn't physically sign it but just typed the words in, probably at 11pm after a bottle of red wine."

"Do you think you could get a card off Keanu Reeves for Christmas? I'd pay good money for that," promised Teamumizumi. Trumpton, meanwhile, was still coming to terms with receiving, "a Mother's Day card from DS that said on the front 'You're Like A Mother To Me'. I pointed out that I was, in fact, his mother."

So a week later, now, do we have an answer? Has firemansamisnormansdad's DB answered her emails and texts? Nope. "We're not a close family!" she protests.

Ya don't say.

Bogeyface has "a question for those that are worried about 21.12.12. When are you going to do your Xmas shopping?" You what?

"This is my only concern regarding the whole end of the world thing," explained NasalCrayon, making the whole situation at least 25% clearer. "I will be so pissed off if I do all my shopping early and then the world ends." Where's Linerunner when you need her?

Here she is. "It's a made-up 'freaky date' because it looks slightly interesting when written a certain way in the Julian-Gregorian-Mayan-Von-Daniken calendar and the Nazca Lines cast shadows on the Christmas Tree," she confirms.

rogersmellyonthetelly is fairly sanguine about the whole thing. "I find it all a bit of a non-event really. If it happens we are all buggered, if it doesn't, well there's always Christmas and mince pies to look forward to."

"It is a good excuse, though," chirruped catgirl2012. "'...Oh sorry, I would have got you a present, but I thought the world was going to end soooo...'" 

(Late-breaking MN headlines available on FB and Twitter. If the world ^is^ going to end, you'll find about it there first. Probably before firemansam's blasted brother bothers to return her call...) 


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