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Talk Round-up

20 July 2012

Kitbit wants a Dutch oven. "I need one," she wailed. "I reeaaaaaally want one."

Mumsnetters not familiar with the Camping section stared in disbelief.

"The dutch ovens I have experienced are entirely different from yours," stated ZuluWarrior. "My DH specialises in dutch ovens," revealed Treblesallround. "(Stinky bast**d)."

Peggoty generously cleared up any confusion, confirming that: "A dutch oven is when someone farts in bed and then holds your head under the duvet. Charming. I'm sure your version is very different."

National Gallery

"I have to say," objected GinPalace, deflatedly, "I am most disappointed in the OP. When you click on the thread titled 'Dutch Ovens' your expectations are tilted in a certain direction and now my entertainment is altogether different <sigh>. Can we nominate this for most misleading thread title of the year?"

"Am I being unreasonable to say the egg came first?" asked McHappyPants, igniting an age-old debate while waiting for the blardy jetstream to move to Finland. "Because where would the chicken come from in the first place?"

Tanith is a stickler for the science facts, however, and wasn't about to let her get away with such shoddy analysis. "Surely the cockerel came first?" she insisted.

Oh, probably.

"What do the daddies on the bus say?" TheSurgeonsMate wanted to know. "When DD sings, The Wheels on The Bus she has the mummies going 'chatter chatter chatter' and the babies going 'waah waah waah'. So far so good. Her daddies say something that sounds quite fierce and very much like 'Stop that noise'. But she won't agree that this is what it is."

DawnOfTheDee clearly attended a tough nursery school: "It used to be 'cough, cough, cough' until they banned smoking on buses". But WakeUpRosemary thought it was: "'Stop that noise' or 'ssh ssh ssh'. Tis common knowledge that men have delicate ears."

NoWayNoHow complained: "DS's version is 'stop that noise' complete with wagging finger. The fact it comes after mummies natter natter nattering is enough to make me extremely cross, so generally I avoid the song if I can, or leave the daddies out. <pathetic attempt at feminism>"

"In my version," grinned EasilyDistracted77, "the daddies on the bus say, 'Should've taken the car'."

"Can you remember what you did before internet forums?" wondered Mrsjay, after trying to explain to her children what we adults did in the dark ages to while away the hours.

"read books and sang around the piano", while TalcAndTurnips, amongst other things, "parented occasionally" and "thought about how wonderful it would be if there was some electronic device that by magic could absorb information from the air and show it on a small screen like a television".

BrittaPerry "went to primary school". 

(Thank heavens indeed for the electronic magic that is the internet. Don't forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter and let the flickering screen provide some much-needed warmth and entertainment while we wait for the weather to turn.)


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