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Talk Round-up

29 June 2012

So, DancesWithSockPuppets wanted to know "AIBU <whispers> to enjoy the smell of my baby's farts? I can't be the only one, surely?"

Getagoldtoof asked the question on everyone's pursed lips: "Depends - how old is your baby, and is s/he on solids?"

"Are you the poo troll?" squeaked Coconutty.

HecateAdonaea had her own admission to make: "I did lick their foreheads. It was a compulsion. It's the animal in us all. There you go. Now you're not the freak."

Anthony Nolan

You'd think DancesWith would be more grateful, but no. I'd say she's positively chippy. "He's six months old, so his bottom's all over the place at the moment. It's still nice... though if I'm still liking them when he's 16 I will seek professional help." Good to know.  

More AIBU, this time is sneezecakesmum BU "to be shocked at this elf and safety advice for my new camera?"

"When operating the viewfinder diopter control with your eye to the viewfinder, care should be taken not to put your finger in your eye accidentally." I think the word she's searching for is 'duuuuuh'.

had received the sage advice, "Do not put remote in fridge", on a Sky remote control. "Pack of celery from Asda," offered boaty, included the helpful allergy warning, "'contains celery'... No shit Sherlock!"

Oh hang on, squeaver has a confession to make: "But, you see, I have put the remote in the fridge before now. <senile>"

"And did it break?" retorted sneezecakesmum. No answer, came the loud reply. Presumably, she'd put the laptop in the oven.

StealthPolarBear is having a 'parenting moment'. "Am I being unreasonable," she wanted to know, "for not expecting a two-year-old to call my bluff?" (What? It's like she's never even met a toddler before...)

Here's the story. "I asked DD to come upstairs and get dressed. She asked 'why?'

'Because we're going to (name of aunt and uncle who she knows well and loves seeing).'

'But I don't want to.'

'OK, shall we just go and leave you here?'

(This is usually followed by a frenzy of dressing and cries of 'NO NO'.)


'OK, I just stay here.' <big smile...goes off to play with toys> I know they say don't threaten something you can't follow through, but really! Have I been outsmarted by a toddler?"

It's bad news, according to DontstepontheMomeRaths, who confirmed: "You have been outsmarted."

"Would it be evil to do the getting-in-the-car-waving-through-the-window-thing?" asked the loving parent.

"Oh come on!" declared WorraLiberty. "Do you really want to be outsmarted by a toddler twice in one day?"

"True," agreed Stealthy, "we would be in the car, half on the drive, wondering what to do while she makes herself some lunch and runs the Hoover round...

Hang on... can I definitely not?"

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