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Talk Round-up
18 March 2011

"AIBU to have been excited this morning when I saw the Google camera going down my road?" asked TidyBush. "I saw a car with a big tripod thing on the roof. It had Google livery on the doors and so I stayed where I was until it went down and back up the road just to make sure I got maximum exposure."

MNers were excited for her, of course, but it fell to bran to point out a fatal error: "I think you missed an opportunity by just standing there, OP, you could have proved to the world that you do indeed have a tidy bush." So is bran right? Should tidy have pointed the camera in the direction of her garden?

Inertia wanted to know "What everyday names or things remind you of Mumsnet? Every time I drive down Rossfield Road I am reminded of Bossy Ross the Playmobil election candidate."

"Whenever I go into walk past Greggs..." offered OnlyWantsOne. "And there is a fellow mother at DD's school who wears waterfall cardies and the other day was raving about the oil cleansing method to another mum in the playground... she must be an MNer." "That woman should be studied," advised Ooopsadaisy. "If she starts discussing bums*x in the playground, it's time to run for the hills."

"One of the mum's number plates at school is PFB - makes me smile," said RustyRainbow. While scentednappybag admitted: "Not quite the same thing, but whenever DH and I have a blazing row disagreement, I phrase almost everything I say as though I was posting an AIBU... He must be mystified." That's the way we like 'em.

"What is an acceptable age to draw a moustache on my baby?" asked renlovesyou. "DP says six months. I say three. Please help resolve this!" "I'd say once you have the fine motor skills to hold the pen," said BikeRunSki. "And not a moment before," agreed FabbyChic with suitable solemnity.

"Thanks for the advice, guys! Do you think a Poirot or a Hitler would be the best look?" asked ren, pen at the ready. Not so fast there, missy, the polls aren't in...

"I'm with your DH," retorted Hassled, controversially. "Three-month-olds seldom have the maturity to carry off a faux moustache. They need the extra gravitas that those few months give them."

And finally, we hope that everyone had a lovely St Patrick's Day, despite initial controversy over the slightly delayed arrival of a specially designed emoticon. "Ca bhfuil an emoticon do La Fheile Padraig?? Mar casaoig taim ag caint as Gaeilge don la. Sin e. Nil aon fios agam ca bhfuil ne fadas ar mo iPhone. Gabh mo leithsceal and excuse the spellings!" complained Iwishihadaleprechaun, with a Wogan-esque twinkle of cheeky amusement.

NancyMumsnet immediately wanted to know what was going on: "Cad atá ar siúl anseo? Táim an-sasta a fheicaint ar an Gaeilge! An-dheas! Erm, ach gabh mo leithsceal, ta mo chuid Gaeilge ag dul liom, níl alán seans liom é a usáid agas tá sé ag eirí liom... In aon chas, Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig!"

And a happy St Patrick's Day to you too, Nancy (not to mention a heartfelt thank you to Google Translate).


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