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Talk Round-up
18 February 2011

"I've installed a m*nge mirror in my downstairs WC," declared SylvanianFamily this week. "Inadvertently." Turns out she had been aiming to capture the reflections of her children's shiny clean teeth and had stuck a mirror onto her bathroom wall 'with super-grippy sticky stuff'. "Only later," she wailed, "I discovered that it may be... rather a shock for guests using the WC. What do I do? Will everyone think we're fruity? I've tried to get it off, and it really is stuck fast."

The news brought back unpleasant memories for potplant, who once stayed in a hotel with a similarly located mirror: "I had to go to the loo in the dark because it was so off-putting."

"Stick toothbrush holder nearby to make purpose clear?" suggested tigana, "Oh, except as I typed that I thought, will guests think they are for public grooming?" (She definitely said 'public', I checked twice).

Both GrimmaTheNome and Eleison thought the best thing to do was "put a little curtain over it", an idea that was immediately seized by PearlBarley, who upped the ante somewhat by suggesting "a grand opening... invite the Mayor". "Make sure you have a golden-tasselled pulley to open the curtain," warned AttillaTheMum, while MmeLindt warmed to the theme: "Set up the Playmobil Band underneath so that your guests can unveil in style!" Ta-dah!

This week, just po-hooossibly inspired by a couple of very popular threads about acceptable language, iCod wanted to know what words women use that you HATE. "Manipedi - anyone who ever says that needs to be S.H.O.T," she yelled, by way of example. "Bubbly <sticks fingers in throat>."

MordechaiVanunu opted for: "Referring to an item of clothing as a 'piece'. It's a coat/skirt/blouse. Calling it a 'piece' does not give it some magical qualities." Spooktrain "just boaks" at "homemaker" and "career women". "You don't get career men, do you?" "If we're on fashion words, then 'team'," scoffed TrillianAstra. "You're not teaming that skirt with that blouse, you're just wearing them together. They aren't going to win the World Cup."

After the mahoosive success <coughs> of the MN T-shirts, bags and mugs some years ago (sample slogan 'In Cdo We Trust'), PixieOnaLeaf has identified another potential revenue stream in the form of the Mumsnet Car Sticker. "What would yours say?" she asked, declaring her own choice to be, "Honk if you're using a Mooncup!"

"Oooooh," said AttillaTheMum, staking her claim on "my other car is a cube of poo" and "that P&T space is mine", but it was left to southeastastra to zoom onto the thread with a singularly perfect and vehicularly appropriate: "Parp!"


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