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Talk Round-up
23 July 2010

It was all going on in the kitchen this week as matters culinary captured our fickle attentions. Slubberdegullion was doing a clear-out and realised that some sort of Ramekin Intervention was required. "Do you have too many ramekins?" she enquired, rolling her rrrs in plaintive fashion. "I have too many ramekins. I have 18 ramekins. If you have too many ramekins, then this is the thread for you." She then promptly found another 11 of the miniature potlets, bringing her total to a positively decadent 29.

"I have over 50. I clearly eat too many Gu puddings," confessed TheBossOfMe (evidently not the boss of herself when it comes to desserts). "They are brilliant for when I want to be all TV-cheffy and chop up and measure out all my ingredients before I start cooking. I get a sense of self-satisfaction when I see all my little bowls of ingredients lined up on a workbench. And then I remember that I have to wash them all up." "I gave mine away on Freecycle recently," posted SoupDragon, with an air of smugness. "To TheBossOfMe, probably", said midnightexpress, tartly.

Strangely, deemented was also hard at work domestically and reported: "I cleaned out my cupboard and found a tin of tomatoes that were out of date by... Nine Years. They have now been binned." Nickschick responded brightly with a tale of loving family life (and death) that made this correspondent snort hot coffee through her nose: "My Nanna gave DS1 half a Mars Bar in 1994 - the other half was eaten by my Grandad who died in 1983."

More barely digestible comestibles from GetOrfMoiLand, who asked: "What was your worst rip-off for poncestastic food?" "I once spent £28 on 2lb of cheese," she confessed, a purchase which pales into insignificance beside her report of "another MNer" who "spent £8 on a head of broccoli (but took it back in high dudgeon)".

Moondog's sister was an early contender for the title of Grand Ponce, having "once paid about £12 for a teeny jar of jam, the berries for which had been deseeded with a goose quill". But ReasonableDoubt took the crown with: "There is a restaurant on [London's] Great Portland St (you will know the one I mean if you know that area) that does takeaway salad boxes - you know the little plastic cartons that you fill from the salad bar and then they weigh it and you pay for it. I went in there once, selected a small (and it was very small) carton and filled with salad, went up to pay - it was a tenner. A tenner for salad. I was so stunned, I was actually speechless. And do you know what? I paid. MUG." Mugged, you say? Indeed you were.


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