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Talk Round-up
20 November 2009

Mumsnet's been generating more chip paper this week after Newsnight wanted to know what we thought of the Queen's Speech at the state opening of Parliament, although most of us, like Bramshott, "didn't manage to stay awake long enough for the programme". Fortunately, this was swiftly followed by a live webchat with David Cameron, who was plagued by laptop problems in between being pestered by our very own Mother 4 Justice Riven, who demanded to know: "Are the Conservatives planning to change the '4 nappy a day' rule for doubly incontinent disabled children?" Poor Mr Cameron racked his brains, but confessed: "I don't remember being limited like this," which Riven gently pointed out might be because "you didn't have to count every penny". Meanwhile, Mumsnetters watched with increasing red-faced emoticons as keen journalists rolled out articles about be-pinnied yummy mummies - rage which spilled over after the Telegraph's Neil Tweedie suggested that (finance director) Kewcumber was a "under-employed city wife". "I hope Neil will be coming on for a webchat soon," wrote Northernlurker, "what a merry time we could have."

"I'm ringing to see if you are ok after all the wind and rain you had on Saturday," said Saltire's mum, who keeps calling 'to see if you're ok, and to make sure your house hasn't blown over': "I know married quarters are cr*p, but they're not that bad." Pigleychez finds the pestering reaches a crescendo at this time of year: "Have you thought about your Xmas list yet?" followed a few hours later by: "Any more thoughts on your list?" FimboFortunaFeet is a bit poorly with a cold, but isn't feeling any better for having her father ring up each morning to advise: 'Make sure you have plenty of clean tissues': "I am 41 years of age!" she sniffed.

Am I being unreasonable to claim a fantasy I don't actually have, just because I think DH is taking advantage with his? asked Maidithappen this week, after requests to dress up as a French maid to cook her DH's dinner: "The last couple of times I suddenly got the feeling that it's nothing to do with the outfit, but that actually he just wants his dinner cooked for him. Would it be unfair of me to say that my fantasy is to come home and find him in jeans, workman's boots, checked shirt and large tool-belt putting up some shelves?" "I'd prefer a Mellors/Lady Chatterley scenario myself, rather than the Handy Andy look," admitted Iklboo, "but whatever gets your shelves put up floats your boat." Meanwhile, BelleDameSansMerci admitted to being an old hand at this sort of scheme: "Whenever DH is doing any DIY, I make him take his shirt off and make out it's a big turn-on. He decorated the whole house with his shirt off. And in double-quick time when he thought he would get a 'reward' at the end." "Do you think there's a way of working a fantasy in around actually picking up the stuff that's on the floor instead of delicately stepping over it?" asked MissM. Any man reading would do well to heed LeQueen's advice: "No woman ever shot her husband whilst he was washing the dinner pots."


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