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Talk Round-up
18 September 2009

As the days lengthen, the annual migration of spiders is testing the mettle of Mumsnetters, including wussy Onebatmother, who wanted to know whether it was something to do with climate change: "Because if so, I'm starting a petition, right now." "Who would your petition be to?" scorned Motherbored. "The Spider Marketing Board? Ofspide?" Slubberdegullion was resistant to the spider-apologists: "Unless I find them eating up all the detritus under our kitchen table, which would be extremely helpful, they are going to meet their doom, mostly by way of the Dyson (swirly, swirly spider)." Shineoncrazydiamond currently has four glasses containing spiders dotted around her house: "I can trap them but then I can't move them. I have to wait for my mother to come over," she admitted. "Roll on next Tuesday."

Am I being unreasonable to think that all 4D scans look the same? asked HeadFairy, who felt distinctly un-mushy at the sight of her DD's "scary skeletor face". Bucharest believed that scans in general were over-rated: "DD just looked like a potato for three months and then a potato with limbs for the other six." Poor woozlet regretted her 4D scan because her DS looked like a goblin: "I worried for the rest of my pregnancy about having a goblin child inside me."

What irrational things really BUG you about other people's houses? asked MamaG, who gets stressed when people don't have a decent-sized chopping board: "It drives me POTTY." LadyoftheBathtub's nemesis is a leather Radio Times holder: "I always want to go into a frenzy and rip it out and throw the stupid holder across the room so I can read it properly without 14kg of leather on my lap." BigusBumus felt twitchy at the sight of "things on top of kitchen wall cupboards", although shamefully admitted: "I have a collection of confiscated swords and light sabres on top of mine."  Whomovedmychocolate's pet hate is pet furniture: "By all means give the fish its own frying pan bowl, but when the dog has a better place to sit than its owners, it's just wrong."

Revelations aplenty in confessions of a flippant baby namer, after merryberry admitted her boy's middle name ("It means 'happiness' in Hebrew") was actually derived from Gil Grissom in CSI: "'Happiness' is a handy beard for the sin of naming our PFB after a TV character." "We couldn't think of a middle name for DD so used Sky because it was sunny when she was born," confessed a somewhat unimaginative comewhinewithme, while Gingerbunny's DS2 was named after the surname of her favourite 80s popstar: "My hubbie has never worked it out!" "DD was named after a girl in the Sweet Valley High books," admitted BumperliciousVsTheDaily, although, unfortunately, "she was a b*tch." While worst-reason award goes to moodlumthehoodlum, who saw a personalised rug in the GLTC catalogue and really liked the name on it: "One week later, out pops DS, who is duly named after a personalised rug." Hopefully, there's a more tactful meaning in Hebrew.


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