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Talk Round-up
26 June 2009

Bedruthan Steps

It has been a busy week for Mumsnet webchats, including a chinwag with Daisy Goodwin, scribbler of articles describing Mumsnetters as "vituperative bloggers" and "the self-righteous childcare fundamentalists of the internet", although her live appearance was rather subdued. We also had a natter with the lovely Quentin and Neil, the Waitrose fish experts. "Oh this is brilliant!" exclaimed Jumente. "It feels very 1940s for some reason to be having a housewifely chat all about fish." But housewife sophable left the fish men reeling with fishwifely demands concerning PCBs and dioxins in salmon: "It's time you stopped stocking fish that is both bad for us, for the ocean and ultimately for the planet", despite Waitrose chef Neil trying to tempt us with his talk of "new butters" and "caper berries". Quentin finally saved the day by extending "a personal invitation to Sophable to come to Scotland and visit our salmon farming operation up there". "Now that, Daisy, is how to handle a webchat," advised LupusinaLlamasuit.

Nahui wanted to know whether her friend was being unreasonable after screaming at her husband for leaving two children in the house while he popped out: "She caught her DH coming out of the corner shop opposite with a pint of milk in one hand and the baby monitor in the other." Bathsheba thought that one's own garden might be one thing but crossing a road was definitely another due to the potential for things to go wrong - "being locked out, knocked down by a car...ehm, kidnapped by aliens". MrsBadger agreed: "He could have been mugged/hit by a car/witness to a robbery and forced to hang about by the police." Others remained unconvinced. "I'd like to think a grown man can generally cross a small road on his own," suggested a generous spicemonster, while onagar reminded us that "a plane could crash on the garden when they are pottering out there". "What if he was having a big poo?" pointed out Spero. "That could put you out of action for more than five minutes." While footballsgalore was distracted by the DH in question: "I'm just so impressed that she has a DH who would notice that there isn't any milk and would be as forward thinking as to consider the next morning's breakfast."

Oh sod. I just bought my own HAT, noted a rather embarrassed Jumente, who had returned to TK Maxx after shopping there earlier in the week. "I saw this hat hanging up, with a little ticket on it for £7.99. It was exactly like MY hat... and come to think of it hadn't seen mine for a few days so I thought I'd buy it as a spare or to give to my friend. I'm not usually this dim, honest. It was actually quite dirty on inspection, though when I got it I thought 'What a lovely clean new version of my old hat!' It just shows what an illusion a price ticket can create!" Portofino sympathised: "At the church book sale I stopped at one box, thought 'Ooh great, this lot is right up my street' and actually read a few of the back covers - before I realised they were the books I had donated to the sale on the way in."

An excited Slubberdegullion reported back from the Cheshire County Show after spotting a lady in the Pigeons, Rabbits and Cavies Judging Tent sporting a T-shirt with the slogan: Imagine a world without any Guinea Pigs. I Don't Think So. "I was fully prepared to venture into a fantasy of a Cavie-free earth, but then to be told so aggressively that it is the most ridiculous idea, well I'm left wondering what the chuff is going on. Is there a global threat to Guinea Pigs?" Wittering shared her bafflement: "In fact, they are one of the easiest things in existence to subtract without difficulty from the World As It Stands." "Maybe Sainsbury's are going to push them as a healthy and trendy new meat," suggested Kathyis6incheshigh. "It is easy to see what will happen - 10 years from now Sophable will be talking to the Waitrose buyer about the importance of only selling sustainable guinea pig." You heard it here first.


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