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Talk Round-up
5 June 2009


Shockwaves across MN this week (and not just when I sent my mother the wrong summer holiday spreadsheet). Mooncup rebel shineoncrazydiamond led a menstrual revolt by asking: Am I being unreasonable to throw my Mooncup in the bin? "I bought one after some discussion on here. And I can honestly say it's rubbish. Removing the damn thing and emptying it are skills that I just don't possess." "YANBU," declared Bucharest, "mine also went in the bin after I spent a good half hour convinced I was having a do-it-yourself hysterectomy trying to get the fecker out." VinegarTits admitted hers was prone to leakage, but was determined to stick with it, although she added: "I may need a moon bucket." "I bought one in a fit of MN-ly zeal before reminding myself that I have a Mirena coil and no periods," confessed BitOfFun. "I am clearly an advertiser's dream." Noonki felt periods themselves should be ditched - although her grasp of evolution seemed a little hazy: "If Darwin was a woman we would surely have evolved a blood bladder by now."

SheherazadetheGoat has been trying Husband Led Weaning: "So far, so good: he has been feeding himself leftovers from the fridge but now he seems to have regressed and is living purely off Mars Bars from the snack machine at work. Should I just spoon feed him?" Blametheparents recommended finger food: "What about naan bread dipped in vindaloo? My DH loves this and he can even phone for his own takeaway now." "I am finding HLW very difficult," admitted Bettymum, "when I am away from the house he lacks the confidence to feed himself and only manages finger foods (crisps, crackers, Dairylea squares) and reverts to drinking directly from his bottle (Peroni, Becks, a cheeky red)." "Whilst it is reasonable to remove all bottles, do beware that he may attempt a return to the breast," warned Peachy, which rather worried MrsMattie: "I would be very, very sad if my DH lost his tongue thrust reflex."

I was in a dog grooming place today, pondered ThePhantomPlopper, "when I peered through the hatch and saw a woman spraying a dog with Febreze. Should I complain to someone do you reckon? I don't want to play a part in hundreds of Febreze-related dog deaths." "My sister's dog gets washed once a week in Jo Malone shampoo," boasted ByThePowerOfGreyskull, while poopscoop was distinctly unimpressed when her dog returned from the groomer "with shiny glitter on his coat". "I feel sorry for the dog," sympathised onepieceofcremeegg, "Febreze smells worse than wet dog."

Daily Mail ire this week after Claire2009 spotted a man possibly sporting his manly excitement while doing the nursery pick-up: "AIBU to find this absolutely disgusting?" "It's not like he was taking it out and pointing it at people," responded mayorquimby. "You should always carry a rolled-up newspaper for just such an occasion," suggested Kimi helpfully, "a quick whack and a loud 'down boy' and all is sorted." Expert tool-owner EvenBetaDad confirmed such events were quite the norm, and recommended "a special knee-bending exercise I have devised" to deal with them. "What are the knee-bending exercises?" demanded thisisyesterday. "I need to know so I can tell DP. That way he can rid himself of his vile affliction instead of just getting up and prancing around making coffee with it." "Making coffee with it?" spluttered GreatBigStiffy. "Doesn't it burn when he stirs?"


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