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Now for this week's parenting news...

PM promises News of the World hacking probe: David Cameron has said there should be a public inquiry into the allegations of "absolutely disgusting" phone hacking by journalists at News of the World. Since it's been alleged that the journalists hacked into teenage murder victim Milly Dowler's phone records, several big companies have pulled ads from this weekend's edition of the paper. Mumsnet has also pulled the current Sky ad campaign from the site after Mumsnetters expressed their disgust at the journalists' action. (BBC News 06.07.11; join the discussion on Talk)

'Inconsistencies' in Sats marks: Hundreds of headteachers have raised concerns over the standard of marking of this year's Key Stage 2 Sats tests. Responding to a poll by the National Association of Head Teachers, many of the headteachers expressed great unhappiness with the "inconsistent" way the English papers, in particular, have been marked. (BBC News 06.07.11)

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Quote of the week: bluejeans provides a chilling glimpse of what daily life would be like without MN: "I've just unlocked Mumsnet after two weeks - God, I've missed it! Did get lots done - even sewed on some of DD's Brownie badges."


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Aitch's TV round-up: Torchwood - Miracle Day, Thurs 14 July, BBC1, 9pm
Captain Jack Harkness has had a tricky time of it lately: not only did he dispatch his own grandson to save the Children of Earth (and land Midshipman Frame in return), he's also out of a job, as Torchwood has been unceremoniously shut down. There's gratitude for you. But then, one day, nobody in the whole world dies, and suddenly he's back in favour – and starring in a big, fat, overblown and frequently veh silly US version of his old show. Bye bye, Cardiff, smell ya later! The conceit is strong: if no-one's dying, the global population has four months before we're scrapping over the bread rolls. The writing is nippy and funny, and, if you can ignore both the skyscraper heels worn by CIA agents and the extraneous Black Hawk Down-type helicopter scenes, this might settle into a very enjoyable sci-fi drama.
Discuss this show (and others) on our Telly Addicts Talk board.

Recipe of the week: Taffeta's spiced fresh broad beans and peas
A terrifically tasty way of using up broad beans or peas if you've got a garden glut or are shelling out <arf> on seasonal produce. And little chefs love a spot of podding.
You can review this recipe here - or why not upload one of your own?

That's quite enough for now. 
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