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Greetings from Mumsnet Towers,

Where a whole new turret has been added since our last Parenting News mail. Timely then that Kevin McCloud (him off Grand Designs) is our next webchat guest. Do join us on Monday 20 Jun (1-2pm).

"Brilliant" and "excellent" <modest cough> are a few of the comments so far about The Mumsnet Rules. If you've read it, please do add your review to Amazon and your thoughts on our Talk thread

New this week, we've Learning content about maths in primary schools. And Q&As with Dr Aric Sigman about children and alcohol, and with Banks and Wag about all things Zingzillas. We've just published the As to your Qs about life insurance, and children and sport – as well as some tried-and-tested Father's Day tips to crib before Sunday. 

Now for this week's parenting news...

Sleeping position in pregnancy could affect risk of stillbirth: Sleeping on your back or on your right side – rather than on your left – in late pregnancy could double your risk of a stillbirth, say researchers from New Zealand. But, even then, the risk is still small – at four in 1,000 births. And, caution the reseachers, "All we've done is show an association. It would be premature to jump up and down and say that everyone has got to sleep on their left. It's a starting point for future research." (Guardian 14.06.11; join the discussion on Talk)

Teachers call a strike for 30 June: Two teachers' unions, the NUT and ATL, have confirmed a co-ordinated walkout of schools in England and Wales on 30 June, as part of strike action to protect their pensions. NUT leader Christine Blower says "teachers do not take strike action lightly". Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude says it would be a "big mistake" for teachers... to go on strike while negotiations are still ongoing. (BBC News 15.06.11; join the discussion on Talk)

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Quote of the week: BecauseImWorthIt is disappointed by our new "Mumsnet Swears By" must-buys newsletter: "There wasn't a single swearword in it. Come on MN, you really need to up your game."


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Aitch's TV round-up: Four of A Kind, Monday 20 June, ITV, 9pm
Don't feel bad for peering into the private lives of the little Carles quads because they seem to take a fair amount of gawking in their stride. Well, four identical curly-headed little girls are an unusual sight. If it was any of us seeing them in the supermarket, two standing in the trolley (WITH THEIR SHOES ON!) and the other two jammed into the twin baby seats, we'd stare, too. Their mother Julia, whom I doubt is an MNer (when would she find the time?), has no business looking as fresh and glamorous as she does, and their dad Jose maintains both his testosterone levels and his sanity by escaping to watch his son Jose Jr play football when he can. Super-normal family life, then, with a sprinkling of super-cute: a perfectly pleasant, perfectly watchable, old-fashioned, unexploitative family documentary. I hereby guarantee there will be a thread, and it will be chock-full of "Aaaaaaaw"s.
Discuss this show (and others) on our Telly Addicts Talk board.

Recipe of the week: Gingerbread men
Handily dad-shaped, child-chef-friendly biscuits for last-minute lovingly crafted Father's Day tributes.
You can review this recipe here - or why not upload one of your own?

That's all for now. We're off to source our escutcheon before Kevin gets here...
Love, MNHQ

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