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Up for a webchat next week (Monday 13 December), we've journalist and author India Knight (thread opening soon; read our extract of her new book Comfort And Joy). And there's (just) still time to post a Q for Mike Brady of Baby Milk Action.

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Inquiry into marketing of sexualised products at children: Children's minister Sarah Teather has ordered a government inquiry to explore whether retailers should be restricted from selling, marketing and advertising sexualised products aimed at children. <whoops at success of Mumsnet's Let Girls Be Girls campaign> "We want to better understand," said Teather, "not only how we can help parents resist these things, but also how we encourage all businesses to take their responsibilities as seriously as the best ones already do." (BBC News 06.12.10; join the discussion on Talk)

Every baby's DNA 'could be profiled in the womb': The entire DNA profile of an unborn child can now be mapped from the blood of its mother. This means, say the Hong Kong researchers who developed the blood test, that parents may soon have a better and risk-free alternative to the invasive tests currently offered to check for genetic abnormalities. But the breakthrough heightens ethical concerns that tests such as this could eventually be used to select "designer babies" and screen out offspring with genetic abnormalities. (Telegraph 09.12.10)

WE WISH YOU A VERY DISNEY CHRISTMAS! Bring home Disney Pixar's Toy Story 3 this festive season – plus Beauty and the Beast, A Christmas Carol, Tinker Bell, Santa Paws and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. There's something for the whole family.

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Quote of the week: PaisleyLeaf comes up with the perfect response to the dinner guest who keeps BlackBerry-ing at the table: "You should have texted him: 'More wine?'"

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Aitch's TV round-up: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Thursday 16 December, BBC4, 9pm
Here's an interesting one that's snuck into the schedules with very little fanfare (other than from star of the show Stephen Mangan, who Tweets of little else). Adapted from the (much-missed) Douglas Adams' novels and set in 1987, a time when the word 'holistic' had to be looked up in a dictionary, this is a show about a private eye whose crime-busting capabilities rely on his belief in the fundamental interconnectedness of things. Mangan plays Gently, Darren Boyd an old uni pal and Helen Baxendale is said pal's easily-irritated girlfriend.
Discuss this show (and others) in our Telly Addicts Talk forum.

Recipe of the week: Anon's chestnut soup
A little soup-çon of Christmassy-flavoured cheer to warm the weariest of shopping-sore souls.
You can review this week's recipe here - or why not post one yourself?

That's all, we're off to click madly on our discount partner and shopping pages in a (sadly predictable) pressie-buying panic...
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