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Hello from Mumsnet Towers...

Where we're only a few hours away from our live webchat with Deputy PM Nick Clegg tonight (Thursday 16 September) at 8pm. He's officially coming to talk about next week's UN Millennium Development Goals summit but we're sure he'll tackle some of your more, er, unofficial questions, too.

Your Book Club pick this month is Sebastian Faulks' A Week In December. Do give it a read and join us to discuss it – with Mr Faulks himself – one week in September (Thursday 30, 8-9pm, to be precise).

On Tuesday (21 September, 1-2pm), we've a live chat with Queen of Beauty Liz Earle. And there's still time to post a Q for our teen expert Charlie Taylor – as long as you've tidied your room first.

Now for this week's parenting news...

SEN label 'used too widely': More than 700,000 children are incorrectly labelled as having special educational needs (SEN), according to a new Ofsted report, but what these children need instead is better teaching and pastoral care. It was "vitally important" said Ofsted chief executive Christine Gilbert, that the way children were identified as having SEN – and the support they then received – was in each child's best interests. A spokesperson for the National Union of Teachers said Ofsted's conclusions were "insulting and wrong". (Independent 14.09.10; join the discussion on Talk)

Hope for quicker way to help diagnose meningitis: Doctors may soon be able to diagnose a deadly bacterial meningitis infection more rapidly, thanks to a new 'predictive model' developed by researchers at the Health Protection Agency. Meningitis can be caused either by bacterial or viral infection and, although pinpointing which can be crucial for treatment, it can currently take hours to find out. The new model uses three criteria to give doctors a score predicting the likelihood of bacterial meningitis, and will now undergo further testing to establish its accuracy. (BBC News 14.09.10)

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Quote of the week: kid takes the forensic approach to her daughter's start at secondary school: "According to dd, her PE homework was to write a biography of Sherlock Holmes. Turns out it was actually Kelly Holmes."

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Aitch's TV round-up: Britain's Youngest Boarders, Wed 22 Sept, BBC2, 9pm
Oh, I cannot wait for this! I am pulling on my judgey pants as I write because it's another boarding-school show, people! <roars of applause from the appreciative MN crowd> Luke, Dominic and Louis are hitting Sunningdale, which prepares 100 young lads every year for the top public schools (yer Etons and yer Harrows, that sorta thing) and their parents think that not only is sending their child away from them for weeks at a time absolutely A-okay and tophole, but they are also having the experience filmed. You have got to love these people, really you do...
Discuss this show (and others) in our Telly Addicts Talk forum.

Recipe of the week: gumblossom's Greek lamb
Lovely, lemony-garlicky, fall-off-the-bone lamb you just prep for ten mins, then shove in the oven for a real slooow cook. Perfect autumnal family fodder.
You can review this week's recipe here - or why not post one yourself?

That's all. We're off to lie in a darkened room and listen to soothing music in preparation for tonight...
Love, MNHQ 

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