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POST YOUR QUESTIONS about preparing your child for school, coping with summer-holiday routines (or lack of them) or dealing with bedwetting issues to DryNites expert Jenni Trent-Hughes – and have the chance to win £100 vouchers for a store of your choice. Click here for more details.

Hello from Mumsnet Towers...

Where school's only been out about five minutes and we're already mainlining your (really rather excellent) summer-holiday survival tips.

Got any views about the family-justice system? Do make 'em known: the Government's review panel is seeking views on how to make it work better.

Cast your mind back to the Mumsnet election: now the hustings dust has settled and we've all got the Government we voted for (or maybe not), Queen of Pollsters Deborah Mattinson has given us her take on it all - and where the voting goes from here. "Twenty-five years of listening to women voters," she says, "tells me it will favour whichever party shows a real understanding of the Mumsnet ethos." YANBU, say we!

Now for this week's parenting news...

Coca Cola pulls Facebook campaign after protest on Mumsnet: Coca Cola has apologised for posting offensive status updates on people's Facebook pages as part of a Dr Pepper promotion. Facebook users who took part in the promotion were asked to agree to a status 'takeover', allowing embarrassing updates to be posted on their wall. But some updates were rather more than embarrassing: Mumsnetter Mrs Rickman – with the backing of many other MNers - complained to Coca Cola after her daughter's status was changed to include a reference to an extreme pornographic film. (Telegraph 19.07.10; read the discussion on MN Talk)

Overweight women 'should diet before getting pregnant': Being overweight while pregnant increases your risk of giving birth prematurely – so, say doctors, overweight women should have counselling to help them lose weight before they conceive. Overweight women have a 30% greater risk of needing to have their baby induced before 37 weeks, according to Canadian researchers, and a 26% greater risk of delivering the baby before 32 weeks. But, says Royal College of Midwives policy adviser Janet Fyle, "Midwives can tell women about the right diet and exercise but this has to be done within the context of their lives. Can they afford the right food? Can they get access to gyms or swimming pools? There are social contexts to consider and one size does not fit all." (Guardian 21.07.10)

ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET'S CINDERELLA: 2 FOR 1 OFFER! Everyone's favourite rags-to-riches fairytale is brought to life by ENB at the London Coliseum (11-15 August). To claim this 2-for-1 offer on the best available £60 seats on Friday 13 August at 7.30pm or Sunday 15 August at 2pm, call the Box Office, by 31 July, on 0871 911 0200 and quote Mumsnet.

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Quote of the week: GokWan came along to the Towers and gave us all a beach-bod boost: "If you can find the confidence to wear that bikini, then do it! 98% of people on that beach are gonna hate their bodies. Believe me, they will look at you with open hearts!"

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Aitch's TV round-up: The Hospital Channel, Mon 26 July, 9pm, Channel 4
Yikes. Listen to this. A perfectly pleasant lad named Michael on the subject of chlamydia, the sexually transmitted disease that can make women and men infertile: "It's part of a way of passage, really - if you haven't got it, you're boring. It's boy to man... woo hoo!" Gulp. Because, of course, as Dr Rachel Jones of the West London Centre for Sexual Health reminds us, "We live in a society that talks a lot about young girls becoming pregnant but you should come into our clinic and see some of the other things they might be coming home with and, in comparison, you might be quite pleased they're pregnant." She's allowed to sound angry, mind you: she's trying to keep a lid on a cluster of teenage HIV cases in her area. Don't die of ignorance, kids...
Discuss this show (and others) in our Telly Addicts Talk forum.

Recipe of the week: oopsacoconut's raspberry and white chocolate muffins
Mega-moreish choccy buns with a juicy touch of seasonal fruitiness. All a simple bung-in-a-bowl job: just the thing for a still unbelievably messy bonding family-baking sesh.
You can review this week's recipe here - or why not post one yourself?

That's it. We're off to tweak the Towers team (now Petr Cech's gone and got himself injured again – sigh) in the Mumsnet Fantasy Premier League. Picked yours yet?
Love, MNHQ

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