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Hello from Mumsnet Towers...

Where we're wrung quite dry after the back-to-back Engerland victory and Wimbledon epic. Still, at least it took our mind off the Big Bad Budget Cuts for a bit - do have a dekko at our Budget round-up to see what they'll mean for you.

More sporty news as your Qs for Olympic runner Liz Yelling get their As and our Book Club discussion of footie classic The Damned Utd is rescheduled for a lunchtime kick-off (12.30 to 1.30pm) on Tuesday 29 June, so author David Peace can join us online (without missing any World Cup action, natch).

Thinking of camping but don't know your bell tent from your bell end? Time to check out our updated Family Tent Reviews. While you're at it, you can browse our updated UK Campsite Reviews and Overseas Campsite Reviews for where-to-pitch inspiration. And, once you're out from under canvas, please do add your own comments or send in a new site review.

Now for this week's parenting news...

Budget 'hits families': Thousands of mothers and pregnant women will have benefits and other payments cut or frozen after this week's Budget, bringing accusations from lobby groups that the poor are being made to bear the brunt of cuts. Chancellor George Osborne announced changes to child benefit, child tax credits and the health in pregnancy grant in a Budget he said was designed to reduce an "explosion in welfare costs". (Guardian 22.06.10)

Money woes for new mums: New mothers are being forced back to work by debt and financial worries, according to a survey published this week. Of the mothers questioned, more than half (52%) of those returning to work after the birth of a child said they were doing so because of financial constraints, and one in 10 said they were going back before their planned maternity leave had ended. Only 22% of the mums surveyed by comparison website uSwitch were choosing to return because they wanted to continue their career. (Guardian 18.06.10)

HAS YOUR PREMATURE BABY SUFFERED FROM RESPIRATORY SYNCYTIAL VIRUS (RSV) BRONCHIOLITIS? A new health campaign will be launching later this year to help raise awareness of the condition and offer advice to concerned parents. If you'd like to share your story to provide support for others, please contact Gemma on 020 7053 6014 or email All calls will be treated in strict confidence.

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Quote of the week: tiktok encapsulates webchat guest Richard Dawkins' take on life in biscuit-choice talk: "He is not making the selection. The biscuits are selecting themselves, based on how biscuitly-effective they are. The most biscuitly-effective ones will subtly attract him by way of extra chocolateyness, or extra crumbliness, or ability to survive dunking in tea."

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Aitch's TV round-up: Doctor Who - The Big Bang, Sat 26 June, 6.05pm, BBC1
All hail The Moff! Who would have thought that, when Steven Moffat blushingly cooed "from the first audition, it was Matt... it's always been Matt", he could have been so RIGHT about the casting of the new Doctor Who? Handsome, rangy, geeky, worried, kind of tiny eyes: it does rather make you feel for David "Dr Who?" Tennant, doesn't it? Anyway, it's the final episode and our guy is in deep trouble, about to be trapped in the Pandorica, Robot Rory's just shot Amy (not before time, let's be honest, but apparently Pouty Gillan is coming back for a second series), the immaculate River Song is being bounced around space-time by a wayward Tardis and, and, and... what happens next? Does the show's title hold the clue? (BTW if it's a Russell T Davies reset, I will be fizzing.)
Discuss this show (and others) in our Telly Addicts Talk forum.

Recipe of the week: Porpoise's red berry pavlova
You can't have Wimbledon without lashings of seasonal strawberries and cream. And it's always a winner when said lashings come atop a pile of crunchy-but-squidgy meringue. Ace!
You can review this week's recipe here - or why not post one yourself?

That's it. We're off to practise penalties in the garden ahead of Sunday's match...
Love, MNHQ

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