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Hello from MNHQ...

Where we've been typing away like the girly swots we are to get our new Education pages in on time. We've answered all the difficult questions about choosing – and getting into – schools and nurseries, and gone for A*s with info on everything from bullying to SATs. Reports welcome (so long as we don't have to stay in after home time, please Miss).

Book Club is back with a Booker Prize bang. We've all the prize contenders on our October Book of the Month shortlist: have a quick browse and vote for your favourite.

Oh, and quick, before all memories of your summery canvas capers fade, please tell us about the campsites you loved (or loathed).

Now for this week's parenting news...

Autism study quells MMR fears: Autism is as common among adults as it is among children, according to new data from the NHS Information Centre, which, experts say, dispels fears of a link between the MMR vaccine and the condition. The data shows that one in every 100 people over the age of 18 has autism: broadly the same as that cited for children. The researchers found no evidence to support claims of a link between the MMR jab given to children and the development of autism: if the vaccine was to blame, they say, autism rates among children should be higher because the MMR has been available only since the early 1990s. (Times 23.09.09)

Call to make children's cycle helmets compulsory: Children should be forced by law to wear helmets when they're cycling, say the country's leading A&E doctors. The Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine believes this could reduce the number of deaths and serious head injuries on the roads. Every year in Britain, there are about 90,000 on-road and 100,000 off-road accidents involving cyclists – more than half of whom are children. At present, there is no legal obligation on cyclists (of any age) to wear a helmet, and a spokesperson for the Department of Transport says there are no plans to change this. (Times 18.09.09)

Other stories in brief

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Quote of the week

pushmepullyou's eavesdropped classic: "Old couple on a park bench sharing an ice cream. Man: 'So, do you want to be buried or cremated then?' Lady: 'I don't know, love, surprise me.'"

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Aitch's TV round-up: Electric Dreams, Tues 28 Sept, BBC4, 9pm
Come on, which one of you is Georgie Sullivan-Barnes? Husband an accountant, name of Adam? Three kids: one boy, two girls, one of whom is your DSD? You have got to be an MNer. Congratulations on participating in this terribly enjoyable show, in which your house (nice, btw) has been 1970s-ised and you and your computer-obsessed family are only allowed access to what meagre technology was available at the time...

Blog of the week: Single mum, two kids and a dog
domesticbliss harbours sneaking suspicions about the class toy: "DD, 4, has just started school and this weekend we're playing proud hosts to Dynamic Dog, with whom we're supposed to 'have fun' and report back. Can't decide whether it's some kind of scary Social Services surveillance device or a wily attempt by the school to spread the swine flu pandemic around swiftly, so we're all over the worst by Christmas..."
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Recipe of the week: bamboobutton's butternut squash and mushroom risotto
You can't beat a veggie risotto for lovely lashings of
seasonal yumminess. And this recipe even includes 15 minutes to sit down with a cup of tea! 
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That's all, we're off to smoke behind the bikesheds vote in our book of the month poll...
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