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Hello from Mumsnet Towers...

Where we've been squabbling over which of us gets first dibs on the MNHQ buckets and spades and which poor saps dedicated souls get to stay behind and mind the Towers.

Whatever you're up to this month, we hope you'll tell us - and everyone else on Mumsnet - about any tip-top places you visit, whether it's a fabby hol, a (hopefully not-too-soggy) campsite or a great day out.

And, to get you all in the fun-with-the-family mood, we've put together some of your best tips for larking about, plus some ace ideas on how to teach your child to cook.

Now for this week's parenting news ...

Sats levels down: Two in every five children are leaving primary school without reaching the required level in English, maths and science, despite government efforts to push standards up, according to figures out this week. They show that more than 225,000 11-year-olds will enter secondary school next month without a proper grounding in these key subjects. Results in English fell for the first time since the Key Stage 2 Sats tests were introduced 15 years ago, with a quarter of boys and 15 per cent of girls failing to reach the expected Level 4. (Times 05.08.09)

Study could increase induction rate: Pregnant women with high blood pressure should be induced at 37 weeks, according to new research which could change medical practice. The study found that women with high blood pressure who were induced three weeks before term had 30% less chance of developing further complications than those who were not. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said the research could lead to a return to the days when many women were advised to opt for an induced birth. (Guardian 04.08.09)

Other stories in brief

STEP INTO THE SHOES OF A BODEN PHOTOGRAPHER - AND YOU COULD WIN £1,000 OF BODEN CREDIT! Choose your location, cast your models, select their Mini Boden outfits and style the set. All that remains is to take your pics and upload your entries. Your £5 entry fee will go directly to Boden’s charity for 2009, Greenhouse, which makes the whole business a charitable good deed, as well as exceedingly good fun.

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This week's prizes are:

It's easy to enter (and keep an eye on winners' corner to see if your name has come out of the hat). 

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Quote of the week

whoisasking has no truck with those who are searching for self-revelation: "My ex had terrible problems 'finding himself' until I pointed out to him that he was probably still at the pub."

Looking for a summer day out? Mumsnetters' suggestions this week include

Find more Mumsnetter recommendations for great days out near you in Mumsnet Local - and once you get home, please add a review in our Days out/Attractions section.

Aitch's TV round-up: Jam & Jerusalem, Sun 16 August, BBC1, 8pm
The campaign to have Jennifer Saunders anointed as the permanent successor to Humphrey Lyttleton on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue began (and some might say ended) on Mumsnet, so plainly we hold the chisel-cheeked-blonde half of French and Saunders in the highest regard. Jam & Jerusalem is a calmer affair than her previous work, but in its own quiet way is the best thing she's ever done. If you haven't watched it before, do. If you have, then OMG what is Rosie doing with that lamb – and has Tiktok been informed?

Blog of the week: A seven-week-old, an unruly car bonnet and nerves shot!
mrsjelo finds moving house rather more stressful than she'd bargained for: "Saturday was the big move from Manchester to London. My mum and stepdad were in the front, me and my son in the back. When we got to Leeds, the bonnet flew up and blinded us. I threw myself over my son's car seat as my mum screamed, 'Pull over, pull over, pull over!' I don't know how my stepdad managed it. He tied the mashed-up bonnet to the front bumper with a plastic bag until [we got to] the service station..."
Bursting to blog? Why not start your own?

Recipe of the week: Squidward's hot steamy bit of cod with soy
A really rather healthy seasonal fish and veg combo that
sizzles in a tasty but virtuously oriental kind of way. Perfect for anyone on the regulation pre-hols swimsuit-squeeze - or the horrified post-hols rein-in!
Review this week's recipe here - or why not post one yourself?

That's all, we're (mostly) off to find ourselves on a beach somewhere. See you in September...

Mumsnet Towers

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