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Hello from MNHQ...

Where, if you've been following our Tweets, you'll know we're reeling from the train crash success of this week's webchat with TV producer Daisy Goodwin. Up next week (Tuesday 30 June, 1-2pm) we have Professor George Haycock, scientific adviser to the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, who's coming on – at your request, remember – to discuss the link between cot death and co-sleeping.

Then, later on Tuesday (8-9pm), please pull up a post-apocalyptic chair and join us for our Book of the Month discussion about Margaret Atwood's much-praised futuristic novel Oryx and Crake.

And, if you still haven't taken our 2009 Mumsnet Census (and put yourself in the running for a fab family break to Villars Gryon, a Merlin Family Pass or an 02 Joggler), do get your skates on – once you stragglers have rounded yourselves up, we can let everyone in on the results.

Now for this week's parenting news ...

End baby tooth fillings call: Filling rotten baby teeth may be unnecessary, experts say. Fifty dentists surveyed by Manchester University researchers say it's often best to leave decaying teeth in young children because the teeth will fall out before they cause pain. Around 40% of five year olds in the UK have tooth decay, and currently one in ten of these is given fillings, which can be unpleasant and cause lifelong anxieties about going to the dentist. (BBC Online 22.06.09)

Make more time for dads, says Balls: Employers should give dads more time to be involved in their kids' lives, according to children's secretary Ed Balls. He says firms should allow fathers to take special leave when a child is sick or to attend a school event. Research suggests children do better at school if fathers are involved in their lives at the age of seven. A poll of 500 dads this week found they would like to play a bigger role in parenting their children, but find it difficult to do so because of work. (BBC Online 22.06.09)

Other stories in brief

HOLIDAY FUN - AND RELAXING FOR MUM! Matthews Holidays offer superb mobile homes on French campsites by beautiful sandy beaches in Brittany and the Vendée. Ideal for families with young children and lots for them to do all day. Low prices for parents on a budget, plus special money-off e-voucher for Mumsnet members.

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Quote of the week

HeliumBee bats away the self-loathing body dysmorphics: "I have body eu-morphia: I think I look like a babe and realise when I see pics that I am actually a right minger."

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Aitch's TV round-up: Skins, Wed 1 July, C4, 11pm
I like to think the reason I watched the first couple of series of Skins so avidly had everything to do with my commitment to raising my children in a climate of openness and understanding. And nothing to do with the fact that I noticed that nice young lad off About A Boy has turned into a Total Fox. But here's the thing: series 3 and no Tony Stonem. Hmm. Instead, we've got his admittedly deeply beautiful sister Effy and her new college gang. It's all getting a bit Hollyoaks, non?

Blog of the week: How the other half live
jennycameron finds that posh and perspicacious rarely go together: "Drive two hours to Husband's work summer party. Not really what I was in the mood for: I hate the inane small-talk. Ended up sitting next to a very posh woman, who said (of the twins), 'Are they both yours? They're terribly alike.'"
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Recipe of the week: Meggysmutti's family frittata
A veggie-stuffed omelette of a feast to please adults and children alike
. Bung in the pan, flip onto a big plate, then divvy up with crusty bread and a crisp green salad. Just the thing for a picnic in the garden of a sunny afternoon.
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