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What are the Mumsnet smartphone apps?
The Mumsnet smartphone apps are specially designed platforms for using Mumsnet Talk, and the best way to access the Talk pages if you own an Android, Blackberry, iPhone or iPad.

What do I get?
All the Talk pages - including AIBU, Chat, Style and beauty, Telly addicts, Childbirth, Feminism/women's rights, Weather, Relationships, Camping, Pregnancy etc, etc. In essence, all of the Mumsnet Talk pages, so you can join in discussions, start new threads, chat, argue, laugh, swap advice - whatever takes your fancy. Or you can simply lurk if you want to.

How much do they cost?
Nothing, they're free.

How do I get the apps?
The Android app is available via Google Play (search for "Mumsnet"). The Apple apps will shortly be available on Apple iTunes and the App Store. The Blackberry App is available through the Blackberry App World.

In which regions are the Mumsnet apps available?

Which devices will the new apps work on?
The Android app will work on all Android devices. The Apple app will work on iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad devices with OS 4.1 and upwards. The Blackberry App will work on devices running OS6 or higher.

How does the search function work?
In the same way as it does on the Mumsnet site. Search by keyword and/or nickname, pick a date and off you go.

Can I see Threads I'm On?
Absolutely. You'll also be able to see Active Conversations, Threads I'm Watching, Discussions of the Day, My topics and Most active. If you're logged in on the app, it will have all the same bookmarks as when you use Mumsnet from your computer. 

Can I customise?
There's no customisation available on the app right now we're afraid, although we're considering it for version 3.0. However, we have been able to include the 'flip this thread' customisation, which is available on the Settings page.

Can I use emoticons?
Indeed! They're available when you open the 'post a message' screen.

Can I use the Mumsnet apps when I'm abroad?
We advise checking with your operator prior to using the app abroad to make sure that you won't be charged extra, as many monthly plans do this when roaming.  As this can often be expensive, we'd suggest you either sync using wifi, or contact your service provider for details of how to purchase cut-price roaming tariffs.

How do I remove the apps?
To remove the app from your Android device select Menu, then Settings, then Applications, then Manage Applications. Search for the app, select it then Uninstall.

To remove the app from your Apple device, simply hold down the Mumsnet icon on your iPhone or iPod touch. When the icon begins to vibrate, click the black 'delete' icon. To delete the app from your iTunes account, simply highlight the app with your cursor and click 'delete'. 

To remove the app from your Blackberry device, select Options from the home screen, Click Device > Application Management, highlight the application to be deleted and then press the Menu key and click Delete. Click the option to Reboot Now if the option is presented on the BlackBerry smartphone.

How do I give you feedback/ideas on how the app can be improved?
We'd love to hear from you if you have suggestions on how we can improve the app for Version 3.0. We're even accepting complaints. To send us feedback, email with 'Mumsnet app feedback' in the subject line.

Last updated: 2 months ago