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Mumsnet LocalWe thought we'd introduce you to some of our brilliant Local Ambassadors, who organise meet-ups in their areas.

If you're feeling inspired, why not become a Local Ambassador yourself? The first step is finding your Local site and heading to the meet-up page. Here you'll find a list of areas. If there are no group meet-ups listed as (Active) you can volunteer to organise one by clicking on the contact us button. It's a great way of meeting mums in your area.

If you don't fancy the responsibility of organising a meet-up yourself, just join one of the many existing active groups all over the UK.

And now, over to our amazing Local Ambassadors. Introducing... 

Local Ambassador HelenHelen, Ambassador for Epsom, Mumsnet Local Surrey

Helen says: "Since I became a Local Ambassador for Epsom last year I've been organising meet-ups every five to six weeks. I've arranged to have a guest speaker at each meet-up, to talk about and answer questions on a whole range of subjects. The best thing about being a Local Ambassador is the great feeling you get when mums come up and say "thanks for organising that meet-up, it was really interesting and helpful, I've had a lovely time and met a few other mums who are in the same boat as me."


Local Ambassador LauraLaura, Ambassador for Richmond, Mumsnet Local Richmond upon Thames

Laura says: "My favourite part of being a Local Ambassador has been meeting lots of lovely local mums. One mum, who I wouldn't have otherwise met, even lives on my street! I've also discovered new places to take my little one to, so I'm getting to know the area better as well."



Local Ambassador KimKim, Ambassador for Burford, Mumsnet Local Oxfordshire

Kim says: "I've made some lovely friends in my area through Mumsnet and I'm glad to be able to facilitate meet-ups for people who live nearby. I recently moved to a new town and found it's great to know there will be a network of like-minded parents through the Mumsnet Local set-up. Being an Ambassador has also been a great way to find out more about the local amenities, parks, and social spots. And writing a review is always a great excuse to go for cake!"


Local Ambassador NulaNula, Ambassador for Manchester, Mumsnet Local Manchester and Trafford

Nula says: "My highlights so far of being a Local Ambassador have been watching new mums become friends at my first meet up and being asked to review a very fancy mad hatter's tea party that I could take my husband and sons along to; a family treat!"



Local Ambassador CherylCheryl, Ambassador for Woolwich, Mumsnet Local Greenwich

Cheryl says: "The best things about being a Local Ambassador are making new friends and providing a support network, particularly for new mums, when everything can be unfamiliar and scary at the beginning."




Local Ambassador EmilyEmily, Ambassador for St Albans, Mumsnet Local Hertfordshire

Emily says: "I became Local Ambassador for St Albans in September 2012. At first there were just three of us, but now we are 30-odd and growing fast! One great aspect of the role is getting to welcome people who are new to the area and making them feel they have a network to hand if they have any parenting questions. Our most recent social event was a Sunday pub lunch for the whole family, which gave the dads a chance to meet too, as they are usually too busy during the week." 


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