Love TV? So does Netflix, the world's leading internet television network. Netflix members have access to an incredible variety of quality TV shows, films and documentaries all available to watch instantly.

Netflix also produces its own exclusive original series, including fantastic shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, as well as fascinating documentaries and hilarious stand-up comedy specials.
There's even a specially designed children's section, Netflix Kids section with its own interface and a range of appropriate shows and films.

Netflix is constantly adding great new titles, so be sure to check the Coming Soon section regularly to see what's next.

What Mumsnetters say about Netflix:

  • "Airing Breaking Bad one day after it aired in the US has been Netflix's finest hour thus far. It is the only TV show that my teenage son and I have ever enjoyed together." HettiePetal
  • "I love Netflix. Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black are just simply amazing. I love to steal a sneaky half an hour watching Netflix on my smartphone while my toddler has his daily nap." Fairylea
  • "It's a bit of a guilty pleasure but after my husband goes to work, my twin girls get in bed with me, and we watch a kids movie all tucked in and have breakfast in bed. This week we've watched Tarzan and Tangled. " FiloPasty


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Netflix gives you instant access to a huge range of great TV series, films, documentaries and much more. Start your one month free trial here and join the conversation.

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On Watch with Mumsnet we have watched great shows such as Orange is the New Black and Gossip Girl. You can find out more and read what other Mumsnetters thought here.

Netflix Originals

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In addition to the extensive collection of films and TV shows, Netflix members also have access to the Netflix Original content.

Netflix Kids

Netflix has a special section for children aged 12 and younger complete with a child-friendly interface and customisable parental controls.

Coming soon

Netflix adds exciting new shows regularly, so keep checking this section for the updates on the latest releases coming soon to Netflix.

Great TV shows

There is something for everyone on Netflix from award-winning US dramas like Breaking Bad, to UK favourites like The Inbetweeners and hit comedies such as Modern Family.

Movies on Netflix

If you fancy snuggling down for the evening with a film, Netflix has a massive range to choose from. Featuring great titles and recent releases.





Last updated: 19-Jan-2015 at 4:19 PM