Flora on Mumsnet: sunflower goodness for all the Family

Welcome to the Flora hub on Mumsnet, where over the next few months we'll be running competitions, product test and Flora will be sharing with you some great new recipes.

Flora has been an everyday family favourite for almost 50 years – we know that family life doesn’t always go right but with the natural sunflower goodness of Flora you can’t go wrong.

Fun activities for kids


We all have those days when you need a bit of inspiration to stop restless kids from climbing the walls. That's where our Family Funspiration Activity Guide comes in.

Sunflower goodness


Flora's scrumptious mix of sunflower and other seed oils are great for all the family. You can find out more about sunflower goodness on our website.

Try a new recipe


Let Flora inspire you to make yummy tasty food that all the family will love - try something new from the wide ranging collection of recipes on our website.

Handy tool


Flora asked for your thoughts on their new recipe player, Handy, which lets you control any YouTube video with a wave of the hand. Read the thread and see what Mumsnetters thought.



Last updated: 11-Apr-2014 at 11:37 AM