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Drynites 'meet the expert' event

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In September eight Mumsnetters who have a child with a bedwetting issue met with DryNites expert Dr Penny Dobson and asked her all about bedwetting issues - find out how they got on - they will be sharing the tips and advice they learnt. As founder and former director of ERIC, the UK charity for bedwetting, Penny is one of the leading experts on bedwetting. Video is coming soon.

Mumsnetter sleepover tips


Sleepover - a word to strike fear into any parent. Thankfully Mumsnetters have come up with some sanity-saving tips for making yours go smoothly.

Back to school

jenni trent-hughes

Worried about what happens when your child goes back to school or nursery because of wetting and soiling issues? Author and agony aunt Jenni Trent-Hughes answers your questions.

Your questions answered

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DryNites expert Dr Penny Dobson MBE answers the most common questions about bedwetting.

Top tips for a dry night

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Is bedwetting causing broken nights for your child - and you. Some useful tips to employ when it comes to dealing with bedwetting.



Last updated: 01-Oct-2010 at 10:54 AM