Put life insurance at the top of your to-do list


We protect our children from the sun. We make them brush their teeth to prevent gum disease and take steps to keep them safe on the move. Yet, when it comes to financial matters, sorting out family protection is often put off.


If the unthinkable happened, life insurance could help protect what really matters to your loved ones. We want to help you take action now.

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Q&A on life insurance

Loiuse Colley

Louise Colley, Aviva's distribution director, answered your life insurance questions including how much coverage is enough, the difference between plans and how to find the best deal.

New Parent Free Life Cover

Mum and baby

Take steps to help protect your family today. We offer new parents £10,000 free life insurance cover each, until your baby's first birthday.

Videos and blogs


Want to find out more about life insurance from other parents? Watch our short videos and read our resident family financial protection expert's blog to find out more.

How to prioritise

Aviva chart

Our hectic lifestyles mean it's tempting to put off important tasks. Create a to-do list using our handy prioritisation template to help you focus on what really matters.







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