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10 Nov 2011Antipsychotic drugs concern: The number of children being prescribed antipsychotic drugs has doubled in a decade. A Channel 4 News investigation found that in 2010, 14,999 under-18s were prescribed antipsychotics compared with 7,649 in 2001.
03 Nov 2011
20 Oct 2011Parents asked to rate schools: Ofsted has launched Parent View - a site enabling parents to post their views about all 22,000 state schools in England. Teachers' unions have raised concerns that the system of anonymous ratings will allow grudges to be aired, but Ofsted denies this, saying it will allow parents to see how other families rate a school before they send their children there.
13 Oct 2011Call for better miscarriage care: Mumsnet's campaign for better care, support and treatment for women who miscarry, and their partners, launched this week with the backing of doctors and other experts.
06 Oct 2011Fake Facebook accounts fool parents: Parents who believe they're successfully monitoring their children's social networking usage are being warned this week about a trend among children to set up Facebook accounts using a fake name.
29 Sep 2011Sharp drop in adoptions: Despite a rise in the number of children being placed into care in England, adoption figures are continuing to fall. There were 5% fewer children adopted in 2010 than in 2009, with just 60 successful baby adoptions - down from 150 in 2007.
22 Sep 2011 Rise of smart phones in primary schools: A survey of gadget use among the under-10s suggests that children's access to the internet is growing faster than parents can control it.
15 Sep 2011 Working parents spend their way out of guilt: A report by Unicef UK blames Britain's culture of long working hours and low wages for putting pressure on family time.
08 Sep 2011 Childcare costs price parents out of work: A survey of more than 4,300 parents, including Mumsnetters, shows that the cost of childcare is forcing low-income parents out of work and driving others into debt.
01 Sep 2011 Childcare costs 'pricing parents out of work': Rising childcare costs, combined with higher living costs and static or falling incomes, means many working parents are finding they're better off not working - especially if they currently work part-time.
18 Aug 2011 A-level results out as teens vie for places ahead of fees rise: hundreds of thousands of teenagers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have received their A-level and AS results, with the overall pass rate up for the 29th year in a row and boys achieving as many top grades as girls.
11 Aug 2011 "Hard questions" for parents of rioting youths: Head teachers' leader Brian Lightman says the families of youngsters involved in violence and looting must face "uncomfortable truths".
28 Jul 2011 London 2012 Games 'not engaging kids': Olympic gold medallist Christine Ohuruogu says young people are "not really interested" in London 2012. With only a year to go, she has called for children to be included more in the run-up to the Games.
14 Jul 2011 News Corp withdraws BSkyB bid as phone-hacking scandal grows: Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation dropped its bid to take full ownership of satellite broadcaster BSkyB on the day the prime minister announced a public inquiry into phone-hacking at the corporation's now-closed News of the World.
07 Jul 2011 PM promises News of the World hacking probe: David Cameron has said there should be a public inquiry into the allegations of "absolutely disgusting" phone hacking by journalists at News of the World.
30 Jun 2011 Schools close as teachers strike: More than half of state schools in England and Wales are either closed or partially closed, as two teaching unions take strike action.
16 Jun 2011 Sleeping position in pregnancy could affect risk of stillbirth: Sleeping on your back or on your right side ? rather than on your left ? in late pregnancy could double your risk of a stillbirth, say researchers from New Zealand.
09 Jun 2011 Parents should 'take a stand' on sexualisation of children: We should make a virtue of complaining when our children are confronted by sexual imagery, says Reg Bailey, author of a new government-commissioned report into the sexualisation of childhood.
26 May 2011 Anti-abortion group to advise government on sexual health: The pro-abstinence, anti-abortion charity Life has been appointed to the goverment's new sexual-health forum, while the British Pregnancy Advisory Service has not.
19 May 2011 Stephen Lawrence murder suspects to stand trial: Two men are to stand trial, accused of being part of a racist white gang that "targeted and killed" black teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993.
12 May 2011 'Hardest hit' protest: Thousands of disabled people staged a protest in central London against the Coalition's welfare reforms and their impact on the disability living allowance.
05 May 2011 AV referendum: Voters in the UK get to choose today whether they want to keep the first-past-the-post system for Westminster elections or switch to the alternative vote.
28 Apr 2011  
07 Apr 2011  
31 Mar 2011 Household incomes fall for the first time in 30 years: The average household's annual disposable income (the money left after taxes) dropped by 0.8 per cent last year.
24 Mar 2011 Fuel duty cut: Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne has cancelled next month's planned 4p rise in fuel duty and cut a further 1p from pump prices in what he billed his "Budget for growth".
17 Mar 2011  
10 Mar 2011 Overhaul for special educational needs support: Parents of children with special educational needs are to be given more scope to direct their children's care.
03 Mar 2011 Children's 'tsar' criticises schools admissions reforms: Children's Commissioner Maggie Atkinson says the new education bill could increase social segregation in schools.
24 Feb 2011 Divorcing couples face compulsory mediation: From April, couples seeking a divorce in England or Wales will have to seek mediation to resolve their disputes before they can resort to the courts.
17 Feb 2011 Cameron condemns sex-offender register ruling: Prime Minister David Cameron says he will do the "minimum necessary" to comply with a Supreme Court ruling that people on the sex-offenders register in England and Wales should have the right to apply to have their names removed from the list.
10 Feb 2011 Nursery fees rise twice as fast as wages: The cost of a nursery place for a child over the age of two has risen twice as quickly as wages, according to a survey by the Daycare Trust.
03 Feb 2011 Therapy in childhood 'key' to tackling mental illness: Children and teenagers who are showing signs of anxiety and depression are to be offered talking therapies, as part of the government's overhaul of mental healthcare.
27 Jan 2011  
20 Jan 2011  
13 Jan 2011 Most schools miss new 'English Bac' target: Just one in six GCSE pupils in England has achieved the government's new quality target, according to school league tables.
06 Jan 2011  
16 Dec 2010  
09 Dec 2010 Inquiry into marketing of sexualised products at children: Children's minister Sarah Teather has ordered a government inquiry to explore whether retailers should be restricted from selling, marketing and advertising sexualised products aimed at children ...
02 Dec 2010  
25 Nov 2010  
18 Nov 2010  
11 Nov 2010  
04 Nov 2010 MadameDeathstare mournfully applies the MN-patented supermarket scale of social mobility: "My mother shops in Waitrose. I shop in Walmart. My family is going downhill faster than Tess of the d'Urberville's."
21 Oct 2010 Coalition announces £81bn cuts: Chancellor George Osborne has defended the "fairness" of the spending cuts he revealed this week.
14 Oct 2010 Cost of university tuition to hit £36,000: The cost of getting a degree looks likely to double.
07 Oct 2010 Cameron 'says sorry' for not warning about child-benefits cuts: Prime Minister David Cameron has apologised for failing to include cuts to child benefit in the Conservative election manifesto.
30 Sep 2010 ADHD 'has genetic basis': British scientists have found a genetic link to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
23 Sep 2010 Pregnancy clinics 'should be set up in schools': Midwives should be going into schools to offer pregnant teenagers antenatal care and advice, according to new recommendations from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).
16 Sep 2010 SEN label 'used too widely': More than 700,000 children are incorrectly labelled as having special educational needs (SEN), according to a new Ofsted report, but what these children need instead is better teaching and pastoral care.
09 Sep 2010 No cure for morning sickness: There is little evidence to suggest that any remedies for morning sickness actually work, say researchers from the respected Cochrane Collaboration.
02 Sep 2010 Little girls think they're cleverer than boys: Researchers who questioned 238 children aged four to ten found that girls think they are brighter, more successful and more hardworking than boys from as young as four.
26 Aug 2010 Daily aspirin protects pregnant women at risk of pre-eclampsia: a low dose (75mg) of aspirin a day from the 12th week of pregnancy could help pregnant women with high blood pressure who have a medium to high risk of developing pre-eclampsia, says the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.
05 Aug 2010 GPs 'should have a bigger role in antenatal care': Family doctors should be more involved in pregnancy care, say researchers at leading thinktank the King's Fund.
29 Jul 2010 NICE issues weight warning for mothers-to-be: The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence says almost half of women of childbearing age are overweight or obese and that women who are overweight when they conceive put themselves and their unborn babies at risk of significant health complications.
22 Jul 2010 Coca Cola pulls Facebook campaign after protest on Mumsnet: Coca Cola has apologised for posting offensive status updates on people's Facebook pages as part of a Dr Pepper promotion.
15 Jul 2010 Child-unfriendly Britain: Ours is a deeply unfriendly country to raise a family, says the Family and Parenting Institute (FPI).
08 Jul 2010 One-third of adults 'condone slapping': Thirty-two per cent of adults think slapping children as young as six is a low-risk punishment, according to new research from the Children's Society – with only one in seven of those questioned saying it's unacceptable.
01 Jul 2010 'No evidence' for reducing Caesarean rate: The World Health Organization (WHO) has quietly dropped its recommendation that fewer births be carried out by Caesarean section, saying there's no evidence for a limit.
24 Jun 2010 Budget 'hits families': Thousands of mothers and pregnant women will have benefits and other payments cut or frozen after this week's Budget, bringing accusations from lobby groups that the poor are being made to bear the brunt of cuts.
17 Jun 2010 Task force for childhood: Prime Minister David Cameron is to chair a new Childhood and Families Ministerial Task Force to improve children's experience of growing up and family life.
10 Jun 2010 Autism test nears: A test for autism in children has come a step closer after the world's largest study into the disability discovered a number of genetic links to the condition.
03 Jun 2010 All tech and no play: Traditional play is being sidelined as growing numbers of nurseries teach young children using computers and state-of-the-art whiteboards, according to research by the British Educational Suppliers Association.
27 May 2010 Older mums on the rise: The number of births to women over 40 has almost trebled in the past 20 years, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics, and continues to increase.
20 May 2010 Child benefit 'to be cut': Radical reforms of the benefits system are to be announced next week and the universal child benefit has been identified as an area ripe for cuts.
13 May 2010 Heads boycott tests: Thousands of primary-school pupils missed their national tests in maths and English this week as many headteachers boycotted SATs, treating pupils to days out and lessons in creative writing instead.
06 May 2010 Banning smacking 'would improve parenting skills': If parents were banned from smacking their children, parenting skills would improve, Council of Europe deputy head Maud de Boer-Buquicchio said this week.
29 Apr 2010 Tests 'must go ahead': School governors must ensure national tests for 10 and 11-year-olds go ahead, despite a planned boycott by English primary headteachers, children's secretary Ed Balls said this week.
22 Apr 2010 Heads to disrupt SATs: The National Association of Head Teachers and the National Union of Teachers say their members will take industrial action to 'frustrate the administration' of next month's SATs tests.
15 Apr 2010 Party manifestos include 'family' pledges: As the main political parties launched their election manifestos this week, the Conservatives pledged to introduce tax breaks for married couples and to 'refocus' Sure Start on the poorest families.
01 Apr 2010 Children with autism 'unfairly excluded': Many children are at risk of being unfairly excluded from school because their autism is mistaken for naughtiness, according to new research from the Institute of Child Health.
25 Mar 2010 Proposed ban on smoking in cars: Smoking should be banned in cars and also in public places where there are likely to be children, says the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), who'd like the upcoming review of anti-smoking laws to put young people first.
18 Mar 2010 Kids 'need yearly fitness checks': British children should have annual fitness tests, says Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson – and the parents of those who fail could be sent warning letters.
11 Mar 2010 Cord blood warning: Parents have been warned over risky and illegal collections of umbilical-cord blood.
04 Mar 2010 Kids miss out on first-choice schools: Pressure for secondary-school places is keener than ever this year, with more kids missing out on a place at their first-choice school when offers were made this week.
25 Feb 2010 Cost of raising kids goes through the roof: The average cost of raising a child to the age of 21 has broken the £200,000 barrier for the first time, according to figures released this week.
11 Feb 2010 Childcare costs still rising: The cost of childcare has soared, despite a squeeze on family finances in the recession, according to figures compiled by the Daycare Trust.
04 Feb 2010 Parents know best: Doctors should trust parents' instincts when they say something is seriously wrong with their child, say researchers at Oxford University.
28 Jan 2010 Having a Caesarean or instrumental birth doesn't affect how long you breastfeed for: And neither does it affect how soon after birth the baby was put to the breast.
21 Jan 2010 Families are election battleground: Labour and the Tories have been setting out their plans to support families – expected to be a key election battleground.
14 Jan 2010 Call to weigh mums-to-be: Pregnant women should be weighed regularly because excessive weight gain among expectant mothers is such a serious problem, the National Obesity Forum has urged.
07 Jan 2010 Toddler speech worries: Some children reach the age of three unable to say a word, according to a survey from I CAN, the children' s communication charity.
23 Dec 2009 2009 – the end of a decade
17 Dec 2009 Parents warned on alcohol: Chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson has warned that it's misguided to give children watered-down wine in the hope of introducing them to sensible drinking habits.
10 Dec 2009 Schools breaking rules on admissions: Some schools are using underhand tactics to attract pupils they consider more desirable, according to a report on the English admissions system from the Research and Information on State Education organisation.
03 Dec 2009 Back-to-work horrors for mums: Mothers face an uphill struggle when they return to work, according to NCT research that found most companies do little to help women settle back in, even though a year off on maternity leave is now the norm.
26 Nov 2009 Birth choice promise 'not met': Improvements are being made to the maternity services in England but the target of giving women proper choice over where to give birth by the end of the year probably won't be met, according to the head of the Royal College of Midwives Cathy Warwick.
19 Nov 2009 Kids losing touch with dads: One in three children permanently loses touch with a parent – usually the father – after a divorce, according to a new study commissioned by family lawyers at Mischcon de Reya.
12 Nov 2009 Buggy recall row: Buggy manufacturer Maclaren has come under pressure to issue British parents with safety kits to stop children's fingertips being sliced off after parents from the UK came forward to claim their children had been injured.
05 Nov 2009 'Cheating' parents condemned: Parents who 'steal' places for their children at popular schools should face tougher penalties, the schools' adjudicator said this week.
29 Oct 2009 No choice for most mums: Nine in ten women do not get a proper choice about where they give birth, despite a government pledge that all pregnant women would have that right by the end of 2009, the National Childbirth Trust said this week.
22 Oct 2009 IVF couples 'should cut out alcohol': Couples trying to conceive through IVF could significantly harm their chances if they share the equivalent of just one bottle of wine a week, experts warn.
15 Oct 2009 Parents 'sceptical' about dangers of co-sleeping: Half of cot deaths are linked to bed-sharing but many parents are sceptical about the risks, according to a poll of mothers by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.
08 Oct 2009 Asthma inhaler 'doesn't work': The most commonly prescribed asthma inhaler may not be working for a lot of the children who use it.
01 Oct 2009 Kids get new swine-flu vaccine: UK children in five centres (Oxford, Bristol, Southampton, Exeter and London) are receiving a new swine-flu vaccine in a two-week trial.
24 Sep 2009 Autism study quells MMR fears: Autism is as common among adults as it is among children, according to new data from the NHS Information Centre, which, experts say, dispels fears of a link between the MMR vaccine and the condition.
17 Sep 2009 Health boss apologises: The Health Protection Agency has admitted that Godstone Farm in Surrey, which is at the centre of a major E coli outbreak, could have been closed down earlier but for an apparent blunder by officials.
10 Sep 2009 Flu schools closures unlikely: State schools probably won't be closed in a second wave of swine flu, children's secretary Ed Balls said this week.
03 Sep 2009 Mums doubt wisdom of swine-flu jab: Almost half of pregnant women will refuse to be vaccinated with the swine-flu jab, according to a Mumsnet survey out this week.
06 Aug 2009 Sats levels down: Two in every five children are leaving primary school without reaching the required level in English, maths and science, despite government efforts to push standards up, according to figures out this week.
30 Jul 2009 Bottlefeeding advice problems: Mothers may not be getting the best advice about bottlefeeding because midwives are confused about how much they can tell them.
23 Jul 2009 Swine flu helpline fears tackled: Pregnant women and parents of babies under one should call their GP rather than the government's new helpline if they are worried about swine flu because they are particularly vulnerable, it was confirmed this week.
16 Jul 2009 Schools places under pressure: One in five local authorities in England is reporting that the recession is making it harder to get a school place.
09 Jul 2009 'More prenatal support' call for parents of multiples: Two-thirds of parents of twins and multiple births are being denied access to vital advice that could make all the difference in dealing with two or more babies at once, says a poll from the charity Tamba (Twins and Multiple Births Association).
02 Jul 2009 Swine flu parties 'bad idea': Throwing 'swine flu parties' in an attempt to get immunity against the virus while it is a fairly mild form is not a good idea, doctors said this week after reports of people, including families, intentionally mixing with friends who have flu.
25 Jun 2009 End baby tooth fillings call: Filling rotten baby teeth may be unnecessary, experts say.
18 Jun 2009 'Have babies by 35' call: Women should become mothers by the age of 35 to escape the infertility, miscarriage and problematic pregnancies that are much more common after that age, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists warned this week.
11 Jun 2009 Home educators must register: The government is to announce plans to force every parent in the country who home educates their child to register with their local authority, in a move that has been condemned by families who opt out of traditional schooling.
04 Jun 2009 Compulsory vaccination urged: Pressure is growing for childhood vaccinations such as the MMR jab to be made compulsory for all children before they start school after a prominent doctor, former British Medical Association chairman Sir Sandy Macara, said he would lobby for a change.
28 May 2009 Huge rise in childhood diabetes: The number of under-fives in Europe with type 1 diabetes will double between 2005 and 2020, predict experts from Ireland and Hungary who looked at 29,311 cases in 20 European countries.
21 May 2009 IVF twin health worries: IVF twins face more health problems in early life, making them far more likely to be admitted to neonatal intensive care and to be hospitalised before the age of three, according to a study in the journal Human Reproduction.
14 May 2009 Over-full classes soar: The number of state school children taught illegally in classes of more than 30 has doubled over the past two years to 10,000-plus and the figure is likely to soar next year, due in part to a government pledge to allow all four year olds into school in the September after their birthday.
07 May 2009 Science SATs to end: Formal science tests at the age of 11 are to be scrapped from next year.
30 Apr 2009 Early learning goals to be watered down: Young children should do more playing, with less emphasis on learning goals, the biggest review of primary education in a decade will say when it is published this week.
23 Apr 2009 Parents warned on sickness bugs: Parents are making children with vomiting and diarrhoea more sick by giving them flat Coke and lemonade, experts at the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence said this week.
26 Mar 2009 Pay granny demand: Grandparents want to be paid for the thousands of hours of free childcare they provide each year and their claim for financial recognition is supported by most parents, says a report from the charity Grandparents Plus.
19 Mar 2009 Girls-only best: Girls are far more likely to thrive and do better in their GCSEs if they go to a single-sex secondary school, according to new research.
26 Feb 2009 Vaccine withdrawn: Thousands of doses of the meningitis C vaccine have been withdrawn by the manufacturer Novartis following fears of contamination.
19 Feb 2009 Baby hip fears: More than half of England's primary care trusts have no policy to screen newborns for hip problems, according to research by the charity Steps.
12 Feb 2009 Video games 'good for kids': Computer games are good for children and teach them essential life skills, according to an EU report published this week.
05 Feb 2009 School closures 'unnecessary': Parents, business leaders and education campaigners condemned the decision to close 8,000 schools across the UK this week, even though the snowy conditions had eased.
29 Jan 2009 No booze for kids: Children aged under 15 should not be given alcohol, even in small quantities, England's chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson told parents this week.
22 Jan 2009 Drink warning: Women who drink heavily early in pregnancy - possibly before they know they are pregnant - may raise their risk of premature delivery, according to a study of 4,719 Australian women.
15 Jan 2009 Autism screening closer: A prenatal screening test for autism looks (eventually) possible with the publication of research that links high levels of the male hormone testosterone in the wombs of pregnant women to autistic traits in their children.
08 Jan 2009 Inside track on teenagers: Inner-London teenagers are the least likely in Britain to take drugs and drink alcohol, according to a major study of children’s habits and happiness.
18 Dec 2008 Couch potato baby warning: Children are being turned into mini couch potatoes by a growing reliance on pushchairs and baby seats, child development expert Sally Goddard Blythe warned this week.
11 Dec 2008 Allergy fears 'overboard': Measures to protect children with nut allergies are becoming absurd and hysterical, experts said this week, after an incident in which a peanut on the floor of a US school bus led to evacuation and decontamination.
04 Dec 2008 Abuse widespread: The number of children being physically, sexually or emotionally abused is a 'much bigger problem' than previously thought, according to a paper published this week in The Lancet.
27 Nov 2008 Antenatal test breakthrough: A wide range of genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, beta-thalassaemia and sickle cell disease could be revealed in unborn babies using a simple blood test taken from a mother-to-be, researchers from Hong Kong University said this week.
20 Nov 2008 Four children a week die from abuse: Up to four children die each week in England from abuse or neglect, according to official figures.
13 Nov 2008 No IVF-breast cancer link: Fertility treatment does not increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer, according to a study of more than 25,000 women in the Netherlands.
06 Nov 2008 Schools admissions breaches: More than one in two state schools are breaching admissions laws, the schools adjudicator Sir Philip Hunter said this week.
23 Oct 2008 Flexitime blow: The Government is to delay plans to allow 4.5 million parents to work flexibly, following the appointment of Lord Mandelson as secretary of state for business.
16 Oct 2008 Sats scrapped: The government has abolished Sats tests for 14 year olds following the collapse of this year's marking process and widespread criticism of the tests.
09 Oct 2008 Safer Down's test on way: A non-invasive blood test to detect Down's syndrome could be available in less than three years, US researchers said this week.
02 Oct 2008 New internet safety boost: The government has launched a one-stop shop for parents who want help to protect their children on the internet.
25 Sep 2008 China milk scare hits UK: The scare over Chinese dairy products has reached Britain, with Tesco announcing it has removed milk sweets from its shelves as a precautionary measure.
18 Sep 2008 Cerebral palsy warning: Doctors have been warned not to give antibiotics to women at risk of premature labour because of an increased chance their babies will have cerebral palsy.
11 Sep 2008 Parents get exercise wrong: Parents vastly overestimate how much exercise their kids do, according to research published in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood.
04 Sep 2008 New fever advice: Ibuprofen is better at alleviating childhood fever than paracetamol and should be the drug of first choice, according to new research from Bristol involving 156 children aged between six months and six years.British Medical Journal, says alternating the two drugs could help and some GPs already recommend this. But many experts advise against it, due to fears that children could accidentally be given an overdose.
28 Aug 2008 UK daycare patchy: Many British children are being looked after in childcare situations that are only of 'average' quality, according to a three-year study by Ofsted.
31 Jul 2008 Parents 'lack skills': Many parents lack the skills to raise their children properly, and the Government is palming off the responsibility to schools, a teachers leader said this week.
24 Jul 2008 Rethink urged on maternity rights: Women's careers are being sabotaged by the extension of maternity leave and parents' rights, the head of the new equalities watchdog said this week.
10 Jul 2008 Serious flaws in maternity care: The NHS has no excuses for the deaths of women giving birth, the chair of the Healthcare Commission said this week as he published a report identifying a disturbing pattern of shortcomings in maternity care across England.
03 Jul 2008 Balls in exam row: Head teachers have expressed astonishment over the suggestion by schools secretary Ed Balls that the best way to prevent six and seven-year-olds from getting stressed about exams was simply not to tell them they were being tested.
26 Jun 2008 Sperm donor crisis: Infertility therapy with donated sperm has collapsed to the lowest levels since records began due to the removal of anonymity for donors, according to new figures.
19 Jun 2008 Mums get breastfeeding rights: Mothers are to get the legal right to breastfeed in a public place under the terms of the Equality Bill, which will make it an offence to stop any woman from breastfeeding a baby up to the age of six months.
12 Jun 2008 Loans on the up for school fees: Middle-class parents are increasingly taking out loans to fund school fees as the credit crunch bites, according to a report from Sainsbury's Finance.


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