Mumsnet Best: the blue badge, explained

mumsnet best badgeTake a look at our Reviews section, and you'll notice that some products carry the 'Mumsnet Best' badge - designed so that anyone coming to search for, say, the best baby monitors on the market can see at a glance which ones have been granted the seal of approval by fellow Mumsnetters.


For a product to be awarded a badge, it needs to have received five or more reviews of more than four stars over the last 18 months. You'll see that some categories (disposable nappies, for example) have more Mumsnet Bests than others (training pants), while some (swim nappies) have none at all. The reason for this is that categories containing more than 50 products can have up to eight Mumsnet Bests, while those with under 50 are limited to five - and if none of the products in a particular category passed the Mumsnet Best test then - unsurprisingly - you won't see any badges at all.


Naturally, as Mumsnetters are adding new reviews every day, the products bearing the blue badge change over time, so it's worth keeping up with what's ranking highly. And if you have a cot or a slow cooker or a holiday destination that you feel strongly about, do make sure to add your own review - you'll be helping out your fellow parents.


Finally, if you're a company whose product has been rated Mumsnet Best, get in touch, and we'll tell you how to use our badge on your packaging and website.

Last updated: 16-Oct-2014 at 11:09 AM