Halloween party ideas and decorations

There's clearly something about Halloween which inspires Mumsnetters to heights of creepy ingenuity on the party front. So here are a few tried-and-tested children's Halloween party ideas for maximum squelch and squeals.

Devilish decorations 

ghost garland pumpkin mask spider lollies

Watch our how-to videos for three simply spooky craft ideas: ghostly party garlands, a last-minute pumpkin mask and creepy spider lollies.

More DIY ideas to give your home that Hammer House of Horror feel without going overboard on plastic tat...

  • Make monster hands by stuffing clear plastic disposable gloves with popcorn that's been shaken in green food colouring. Califrau
  • Buy a plastic brain from a toy/joke shop then put it in a clear plastic tub and fill it up with green jelly. It will look like one of those medical specimens. If you cant find toy brain you could always use a cauliflower. hisgirlfriday
  • Make a ghost and bat mobile. You need two long strips of strong card, coloured black. Arrange them in a cross with glue or sellotape. Make two ghosts and two bats to hang on the mobile. The ghosts are the very cheapest white cups that you get in office water coolers. Turn upside down. Drape a mansize tissue over the cup, thread some ordinary black sewing thread through the bottom of the cup to tie onto the cardboard cross and use black felt pen to draw on a scary ghost face. The bats are simply a bat shape cut out of black paper. The clever bit is that you must use three threads to get the bat to hang correctly - one at the end of each wing and one in the middle. Pacific
  • Make floating ghosts: balloons draped in crepe paper, suspended from the ceiling on invisible thread. Purpleduck
  • Be careful buying 'spooky sounds' CDs. I bought one once that sounded like the soundtrack to a snuff movie. It reduced my hard-nut Goth of a daughter to tears and totally creeped me out, too. GrumpyOldHorsewoman
  • When the time comes to carve your pumpkin, draw the pattern on the pumpkin first, then stab along the lines - in a dot-to-dot fashion - with something pointy. Then carve. Califrau 
    More pumpkin carving tips
  • How about pom-pom spiders? All you need is two rings of cardboard and some black wool to make the pom-poms & black pipecleaners or wool to make the legs.Stick on 2 white bits of cardboard for eyes & there you go. If the mobile is hung above a radiator the rising heat makes the bat wings flap and the tissues on the ghosts flutter. Mirage
  • Spooks Punch  - it's basically a blood red punch (mainly cranberry juice) with ice hands floating in it. Freeze water or lemonade in surgical gloves tied at the end. They look really effective. Bamboo


Ghoulish games

Apple-bobbing? Meh. This is a time to embrace one's inner-zombie. As long as Halloween party games have a high-squelch quotient, they'll go down a treat. 

  • halloween partyPin the Witch on the Broom. We also made 10 broomsticks using long wrapping paper tubes with strips of cardboard taped round the end. We then had broom-racing around the garden. CJinSussex
  • One of our best games is Make a Mummy - teams of two have a loo roll each and have to mummify a team member in 60 seconds. Thefoxsbrush
  • Buy some rubbery worms and put them in some green jelly for a Catch the Worm game - if you're brave enough to retrieve one, you get a prize. FlipFloppinRubyRioja
  • Blindfold jelly eating is hysterical - two children at a time trying to feed each other with jelly. fortyplus
  • Use teeth only to get marshmallows from a plate of icing sugar. janeite
  • Ghost hunting - turn lights off, children have to sneak about finding a) each other b) adults c) some sort of prop. S1ur
  • Guess the body part - you need to prepare a number of items and place them on a table either hidden inside shoe boxes (with a hand-hole cut in the side) or simply under separate tea towels. All the party guests stand outside the door and are brought into the (darkened) room one-by-one to feel the items on the table and guess what they could be:
    • 2 hard boiled and shelled eggs (these will feel like eyeballs)
    • 1 rubber glove (preferably the thin transparent kind) filled with flour and secured at the arm end with a rubber band
    • 1 old wig (feels horrible in the dark)
    • Plate of cold cooked spaghetti
    • Piece of pumpkin cut into the shape of an ear
    • 1 raw sausage (you'll obviously need to wash your hands after this)

The best way to play this game is by encouraging the most hysterical guest to play first. Their shrieks only add to the tension felt by those waiting outside the door! ChippyMinton



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