How to make your Halloween party spooktacular

Don your fangs and capes - here are Mumsnetters' tips for a perfect Halloween

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Pumpkin carving made easy (well, easier)

"When the time comes to carve your pumpkin, draw the pattern on the pumpkin first, then stab along the lines - in a dot-to-dot fashion - with something pointy. Then carve." 

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DIY is way more satisfying than pound shop

"Collect empty clean milk bottles, draw ghost faces on the side with a marker, fill with water then drop in blue glowsticks."

"Buy a plastic brain, put it in a clear plastic tub and fill it up with green jelly. It will look like one of those medical specimens. If you can't find toy brain you could always use a cauliflower." 

"Make floating ghosts: balloons draped in crepe paper, suspended from the ceiling on invisible thread." 

The appliance of science: add UV for extra spookiness

"I bought UV light bulbs for the living room (so cool), and had bottles of tonic water around - they glow under UV light."

Cast a spell with frightfully fun party games

"Pin the Witch on the Broom is great. We also made 10 broomsticks using long wrapping paper tubes with strips of cardboard taped round the end. We then had broom-racing around the garden." 

"One of our best games is Make a Mummy - teams of two have a loo roll each and have to mummify a team member in 60 seconds."

"The spider web game: sit the children in a circle, give one of them a ball of wool and ask them to throw it to someone else in the circle while holding onto a piece of the string. Keep going til a web forms and throw in some plastic spiders for added squeals." 

If ever there were a time for food-based fun...

"Blindfold jelly-eating is hysterical - two children at a time trying to feed each other jelly." 

"I made pumpkin soup and served it in a pumpkin shell like a cauldron, and gingerbread skeletons and mummies."

"Hang ring doughnuts on a string - the kids have to eat them without using their hands."

"Make monster hands by stuffing clear plastic disposable gloves with popcorn that's been shaken in green food colouring."

"Spooks Punch  - it's basically a blood red punch (mainly cranberry juice) with ice hands floating in it. Freeze water or lemonade in surgical gloves tied at the end - they look really effective." 

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