Cullen skink

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Serves: 4

By Kayeled



  • 1 onion

  • 1 pint chicken stock

  • 1/2 large sweet potato

  • 3 medium potatoes

  • 1 tbsp butter

  • 3 smoked haddock fillets

  • 1 splash milk or cream

  • 1 pinch parsley or cayenne pepper


<ol> <li>In a large pan, fry chopped onion in butter until it starts to soften.</li> <li>Chop potato and sweet potato into fairly small chunks.</li> <li>Add to pan and pour stock over.</li> <li>Simmer gently (with lid on) for at least 30 mins, until the potato is soft and starts to break down.</li> <li>Cut the haddock into chunks and add to pan.</li> <li>Simmer for about 4-5 mins.</li> <li>The mix should now be fairly soft and lumpy. You can either blitz with a hand whisk or leave lumps in.</li> <li>Add milk or cream to get the consistency you want.</li> <li>Add fresh parsley or a sprinkle of cayenne, depending on preferred tastes, and serve with fresh bread.</li> </ol>

Handy Hint

<p>Frozen smoked haddock is just as good and is much cheaper.</p>

Additional Information

  • Egg Free

  • Nut Free

  • Main Course

  • Fish

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