Happy pizza faces

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Serves: 6

By lipglossbutterfly

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  • 1 handful chicken or ham, or sandwich meat. Cubed or sliced into strips

  • 1 pepper any colour

  • 1 bowl cheese

  • 6 English muffins

  • 130g tomato puree

  • 1 bowl tinned or frozen sweetcorn

  • 3 tomatoes


<ol> <li>Split the muffins in half.</li> <li>Spread tomato puree across the split muffin.</li> <li>Sprinkle cheese on top of the puree.</li> <li>Start adding your vegetables and meat. (It's fun to make smiley faces with crazy hair!)</li> <li>Pop under a grill for a short while.</li> <li>Hey presto. Quick, easy, small pizza bites!</li> </ol>

Handy Hint

<p>You can change the ingredients you use each time. From vegetarian, to seafood to meat. Add anything you know your child will enjoy</p>

Additional Information

  • Nut Free

  • Snack

  • Lunchbox

  • Basics

  • Kids can help

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  • kslatts 28/03/09 09:21

    Made these when my friend came round, all the children enjoyed, they are so easy to make and very quick.

  • lipglossbutterfly 29/01/08 14:00

    Very quick, very easy and toddler friendly! Great for toddler parties too.