Banana oat muffins

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Serves: 10

By Dragonhart

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  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

  • 75ml milk

  • 1 tsp baking powder heaped

  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon

  • 3 tsp runny honey (or 3 tsp sugar for under 1s)

  • 25g unsalted butter

  • 55g porridge oats

  • 100g plain flour

  • 2 large ripe bananas


<ol> <li>Preheat the oven to 190C/Gas Mark 5.</li> <li>Line a muffin tin with paper cases.</li> <li>Melt the butter and honey in a saucepan.</li> <li>Mix together all the dry ingredients in a bowl.</li> <li>Mash the banana and mix with the honey and butter.</li> <li>Add this mixture and the milk to the dry ingredients, stirring until mixed lightly.</li> <li>Spoon into the muffin cases (I sprinkle a few oats on top just to make them look a bit prettier!).</li> <li>Bake for 25 minutes until golden brown and firm to touch.</li> </ol>

Handy Hint

<p>I dont bother with the cases and just grease the tin. They pop out easily.</p>

Additional Information

  • Egg Free

  • Nut Free

  • Vegetarian

  • Breakfast Meal

  • Cake/Dessert

  • Low fat

  • Kids can help

  • Make Ahead

  • Can Freeze

  • banana

  • cake

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  • Pikkewyn 31/01/15 09:08

    I had to make these in a vegan version for a friend's son we used agave syrup instead of honey and pure spread instead of butter. They were delicious and 3 children ate 6 muffins!

  • Jennade123 30/01/15 04:55

    What can I use instead of honey as my little boy is 9 months old..thanks

  • dazedandconfused73 29/01/15 19:42

    My 2 wouldn't eat them, but I think that says more about them than the muffins! I thought they were yummy

  • RosemaryWaterlow 24/06/14 09:36

    Really nice recipe. First time they seemed a bit dry, so I used 3 tablespoons of honey, rather than 3 teaspoons when I made them again. To make them chocolatey I'm going to try 75g flour/25g cocoa powder next time.

  • queenoftheslatterns 17/03/10 11:05

    really lovely, I added a handful of sultana&#39;s as well, ds is *very* impressed!

  • chuckeyegg 05/05/09 08:15


  • Dragonhart 30/04/09 20:10

    Oops sorry that should have been a 10 for ease or finding ingredients! All in most cupboards I would say.

  • Dragonhart 30/04/09 20:06

    Kids love them. I love them. Easy to make. Everyone is happy! Got it from '375 recipes for babies, toddlers and children' by Bridget Wardley and Judy More and would definately recommend the book.