Jura's grandmother's lemonade

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By jura

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  • 900g sugar

  • 1.7l water

  • 3 lemons

  • 30g tartaric acid (or citric)


<ol> <li>Grate the zest of the lemons into a big heatproof bowl. Remove and discard the pith. Slice the lemon fruit thinly and add to the bowl (along with juice, pips, the lot).</li> <li>Add sugar, and 3 pints of boiling water. Stir gently until all the sugar is dissolved.</li> <li>Cover the bowl and leave (preferably overnight) to cool.</li> <li>Dissolve your tartaric or citric acid in about 150ml water and add to the mixture - this gives it back the tartness the sugar has overpowered. Stir again.</li> <li>Strain through a sieve into a clean, empty 2l bottle - you should catch lots of little pieces of lemon peel.</li> <li>Store in the fridge, use within a week. Dilute like squash to drink.</li> </ol> <p>Enjoy!</p>

Handy Hint

<p>Tartaric acid is becoming more difficult to get hold of - try the dispensary at Boots and tell them it's for lemonade, not for some nefarious terrorist activity! I got this from my mum who got it from her mum.</p>

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  • Egg Free

  • Nut Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegetarian

  • Low fat

  • Make Ahead

  • lemon

  • Drink

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  • unlucky83 18/07/13 13:30

    I meant (of course) lemonade!!! (thinking of US kool aid ...which I seem to remember the lemon flavour one contains lots of citric acid and can be used as a dishwasher cleaner!)

  • unlucky83 18/07/13 13:24

    Not tried this yet - but you can buy citric acid off ebay...just bought 2 kilos no problem. I use it for making bath bombs and homemade dishwasher powder...but it is food grade so thought I'd make lemon aid too! (maybe because they have your address??)

  • UKSky 08/07/12 22:17

    You can buy both citric acid and tartaric from your local homebrew shop (online shop). Both come in 100g / 500g / 1kg packets. Yes, citric acid can be used in drug making but you only have to notify the police if it is being purchased in quantities (I think it is 5 kilos at a time).

  • Queenofsiburbia 06/07/12 07:10

    I've also had problems getting hold of citric acid for elderflower cordial, which I made for my wedding last year so needed in industrial quantities! My advice is: Avoid boots they're rubbish. They can sell it but tell you they can't --even though clearly you are not a crackhead!-- Small independent pharmacies often sell it or will order it in, but will only do so in small quantities. Start looking for it about 3 weeks before you need it! Every town you visit, pop in to a pharmacy to see if you can get some! Thanks for this recipe, it looks great + a nice change from elderflower.

  • Chestnut99 31/05/12 16:14

    I tried to buy tartaric or citric acid in Boots last year to use in homemade elderflower cordial and was told it is a key ingredient in crack manufacture so they don't supply it any more ...! If no luck on the High Street, you can find these things online from beer-making websites. Will be using my crack-making kit to try out this lemonade recipe :)

  • sophybear 04/06/10 17:42

    I have this exact recipe from my granny in her hand written 1930&#39;s recipe book. it is the taste of my childhood and I recommend it to everyone!

  • thelma2008 01/04/09 07:16

    Yummy, ideal for a summer&#39;s day in the garden.