Welsh recipes for St David's Day

welsh cakes

Whether you're hoping to recreate the recipes of your own childhood, or are just looking to cook something Welsh for St David's Day on 1 March, we have some great recipe ideas.

Start with traditional Welsh cakes and then move on to Bara Brith, as we have more Welsh-inspired recipes than you can shake a leek at (sorry).

Mumsnet Welsh recipes

  • Welsh cakes: you don't need a traditional Welsh bakestone to make these (although it helps) - a cast-iron griddle or pan will do just as well.
  • Bara Brith: addictive fruit cake you can make in advance of the day itself. It will get better with age.
  • Welsh Rarebit: Enhanced cheese on toast - you can also add a splash of beer to this basic recipe.
  • Lamb and leek hotpot: Firm favourite for Mumsnet suppers - tastes even better reheated the following day.
  • Slow cooker leek and potato soup: this is a lovely warming recipe you could have waiting for you when you come home on St David's Day. Leave out the bacon bits to make it a veggie treat.


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