Pancake recipe


Once again, Pancake Day - or Shrove Tuesday - is upon us. This year, it falls on 17 February 2015. Are you prepared?

Make sure you have a a flipping <arf> great Pancake Day, with this basic and easy pancake recipe. Once you have that down, we've loads of delicious and creative pancake filling ideas to play around with.  

Pancakes are good (if slightly messy) fun to make with your children and can make a nice change for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So get flipping!

Basic pancake recipe


Makes around 6-8 large pancakes

125g plain flour (self-raising will do if that's all you have)
250ml milk
Pinch of salt
1 egg
Butter/oil (for frying)

  1. Sift the flour and salt in a mixing bowl.
  2. Make a 'well' in the flour and crack the egg in.
  3. Using an electric hand mixer, or whisk, gradually add the milk until the consistency is between single and double cream.
  4. Heat the butter/oil in a frying pan and when hot pour in a cup of the mixture. (Tip: using a measuring jug to do this makes it easier.)
  5. When cooked on one side, turn with a spatula (or toss if you don't mind getting it wrong/have more than five minutes to spare) and cook the other side until both sides are slightly brown.

Serve with honey, maple syrup, chocolate or fruit spread, jam, lemon and sugar - anything you like.



Breakfast pancakes Buckwheat pancakes Bacon and onion pancakes
Bananas, sultanas and creme fraiche make this recipe a great way to start your pancake day. The slightly heavier texture of these lactose-free pancakes will go down a treat. Spring onions, bacon and chicken stock mean these pancakes are great as a main meal or as a snack.


Apple pancakes Cheddar, chive and potato pancakes American-style pancakes
A clever way to get some fruit into your children and delicious to boot. Make your pancakes more filling and substantial with grated potato and farmhouse cheddar. The classic - smaller, fluffier, and fantastic with maple syrup (and crispy bacon). 
Green spinach pancakes (dairy-free) Light lemon crepe Flower pancakes
Healthier sorts and those that can't have dairy should try these fab green pancakes.  This traditional lemony crepe uses oil in its recipes for an even silkier pancake.

Go all out with elderflowers, lemon zest and wine to make pancakes which are elegant and delicate.


Even more pancake filling ideas

  • Hot smoked honey and mustard salmon, creme fraiche and a squeeze of lemon juice. Alibabaandthe40nappies
  • Nutella and ice cream, but only one as it's quite rich due to the half jar of Nutella I use on each. SecretNutellaFix
  • I love savoury ones - mushrooms, ham, grated cheese and a tomato sauce. TaffyandTeenyTaffy
  • Yummy spicy spinach and green chilli pancakes - probably for those with teens or empty nesters but we love them! funnyperson
  • Blueberries, lemon and pecan syrup. debs75
  • Strawberry jam and squirty cream - with some chocolate chips for good measure. TaffyandTeenyTaffy

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