English recipes for St George's Day

St George's Day, the National day for England, falls on 23rd April.

If you're thinking about celebrating England's daring dragon-slaying hero with a slap-up feast, we've rounded up a collection of ever-so-English recipes from the MN recipe archives. 


  • Bubble and squeak - a handy way to use up leftovers although it's just as good made from scratch
  • Shepherd's piethere's often confusion between this and cottage pie. This is the one with lamb mince, although it's easy to swap it for beef
  • Scousethis stew goes way back in history - apparently the pilgrims enjoyed it on the Mayflower
  • Beef wellington - a classic recipe using pastry, mustard, beef fillet and thyme for an impressive main course
  • Easy fish pie - whip up this simple pie in just over an hour 



  • Coconut bakewell tarts - a child-friendly version of a regional favourite
  • Dorset apple cake - there are many different ways to make this but all seem to feature that lovely, crunchy sugar topping
  • Parkin this ginger cake can taste even better when left for a few days after baking
  • Sticky toffee puddingan artery-furring but fabulous end to any hearty English feast
  • Jam and gooseberry crumblea great dish to serve up when gooseberries are in season
  • Manchester tarta variation on Manchester pudding first recorded by Mrs Beeton, says Wikipedia
  • Lavender shortbreadthe perfect gift to make ahead and give as a present on St George's Day
  • Winter Eton mess - it might not quite be winter anymore, but this variation of the classic dessert uses rhubarb and pomegranate instead of strawberries


  • Ginger beer - lashings and lashings, obvs
  • Elderflower cordial - if you can't get your hands on any elderflowers, you might have to wait until the summer to make this tasty drink


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