Father's Day gifts

Boy with Father's Day cardFather's Day on Sunday 15 June is a Johnny-come-lately celebration compared to our own dear Mother's Day. But, if you'd like to help your children give their dad an extra-special day (neatly raising the bar for next year's Mothering Sunday, of course), here are some of the best ideas and hints other Mumsnetters have suggested.

Father's Day gifts

It's bad enough trying to think what to get the men in your life for Christmas and birthdays, so mug up (maybe even literally) for Father's Day with...

  • A mug with lots of our son's baby pictures on. My husband loved it (nearly cried) and told me I'd never be able to top it - so I don't bother trying. notquitenormal
  • My husband's favourite pressie was a mug with our son's footprint on it. yomellamoHelly
  • Hand and footprints of both daughters. DH says it's his best Father's Day present ever. Colander
  • Get him a framed photo of baby - you can add to his collection each year then! TakeMeHome
  • I did a really corny vouchers book from our son with things like "get daddy a beer", "take daddy to the pub" (theme, anyone?) because I'm so cheap thoughtful. Moneyspider
  • I like to get him something he can do with our son. Last year it was the My Dad book by Anthony Browne for them to read together. This year I'm considering splurging on a remote-controlled boat for them to scare the ducks with. Oh, and DS will make a card. Booboobedoo
  • It doesn't have to be expensive, from the heart is much better. Mouseface
  • Don't buy anything - get your children to make something, even if it's only a splodgy hand print. That'll do. Pointydog

And don't forget those gifts that keep on giving…

  • Maybe one of those huge bars of Toblerone, then I can have some! Songbird
  • Wireless headphones! So I don't have to go to sleep listening to the football. lovejoysbird
  • Still stuck for gift ideas? Find out what John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Not on the High St are predicting to be bestsellers this Father's Day


Then again…

Some dads who failed The Mother's Day Test might get their (tit-for-tat) results on Sunday. Oh dear...

  • For last Mothering Sunday my husband gave me the card that our son had made at toddlers (which I take him to so I had helped to make the bloody thing) and that was it. DidYouDoThisOnMyHead
  • He will quite possibly be getting a strip of pansies from a DIY shop, similar to the one I received for my Mother's Day present. Strongblackcoffee
  • Send him to his dad's with the kids for the weekend. It is after all, HIS dad's Father's Day, too! StarlightMcKenzie
  • Getting him exactly what I got for Mother's Day - bugger all! I might relent and get a card. JaynieB

Things to do on Father's Day

Ahhh, simple pleasures are the order of the day…

  • A lie-in, a seriously large bar of Galaxy from the children and maybe a day off from DIY. TheNextMrsDepp
  • A 'playdate' for him and his wee friends - at the pub. elliemental
  • A lie-in. Breakfast in bed. Lunch at a restaurant of his choice. Dinner of his choice with a nice cold beer. ILikeToMoveItMoveIt
  • Make him his fave meal, renew his subscription to whatever magazine he is into at the moment and let him slob around if he wants to. JaxTellersOldLady

And finally, straight from the horse's mouth...

What do men actually want on Father's Day? You heard it here first:

  • Heavy petting from the wife, something nice made by the kids, a long lie-in, being woken by excited kids to play in bed. Breakfast in bed (not too heavy, made by kids if possible). Watch some TV or go out in the garden for a while and then out for lunch. Present. A toy. Remote-control car or plane. Or some graphic novels. If toys, then after lunch playing with the new toy with the kids. Kids to bed, nice dinner and then TV, some more heavy petting from the wife. MNHubbie

Happy Father's Day!


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