Family money

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Thrifty advice

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Mumsnetters are full of inventive ideas when it comes to saving money on heating, food and other bills.

How to get help with debt

Woman in debt

If you're in the red and finding it hard to get back in the black, then take a look at our debt pages for expert advice on managing and reducing your debt.

Is it time to have 'the money talk'?

child money

Are you confident your DC are spend-savvy? Or do their budgeting skills leave a little to be desired? MNers met up with the people from Osper to talk about their kids' understanding of money. 

Flat-rate pensions

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The government is proposing a flat-rate state pension from 2017. Find out what it means for you, and who stands to benefit.

Interest-only mortgages

Terraced houses

Almost half of UK households with interest-only mortgages won't be able to clear their debt when the mortgage ends. If this applies to you, read our need-to-know advice.

Chat about money matters

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Debt, savings, great deals, mortgages, investments, budgeting - swap and share your money know-how or worries on Talk.

Money-savings tips

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Advice on how to get the best deals and save money.

Credit cards

Credit cards

Make sure you're not paying over the odds to buy things on credit.

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