TalkTalk - a Family Friendly company


This is what TalkTalk has to say about the Mumsnet Family Friendly programme:


Family friendly facts 

talktalk family1. At the heart of homes

As one of the UK's leading phone and broadband companies, the services TalkTalk provides are at the very heart of what we love most about our homes. We are committed to making Britain better off by finding ways to help families keep their bills low, making our service even faster and more reliable, and keeping our customers safer in a connected world. The Mumsnet programme is a great way for us to show our commitment to being a family friendly company and we're really proud to be a part of it.

2. Unlimited use

We want to help make family life easier. TalkTalk Plus, with unlimited calls, unlimited downloads and free online security with parental controls, is the best value package in the market for busy homes that demand a lot from their phone and broadband. We also offer a range of Boosts so that families can tailor their package depending on what they need, when they need it.

tallktalk office3. Employee family care

Along with our customers we have many TalkTalk employees whose families are also very important to us. As well as all the standard stuff, we have extra benefits in place for our staff, such as enhanced maternity pay and a financial gift from the company when they have a child.

4. HomeSafe

Finally, because we believe that everyone should be able to have fun online without worrying about their children stumbling across inappropriate content, TalkTalk developed HomeSafe™ which gives you control over the type of websites your household can access, across every single device that connects to the internet in your home. Its also lets you take control of the after school routine with its 'Homework Time' feature that lets you restrict access to distracting websites while still letting your kids use the internet for their school work. Unique to TalkTalk and free for TalkTalk customers, HomeSafe™ gives you the safest broadband connection into your home.


Family friendly ambitions

In the Family Friendly Awards 2011, Mumsnetters gave us really helpful feedback on our family friendliness as a company and we've now launched a partnership with Mumsnet to build on this even further. Visit the Talk TalkTalk Better Off Hub on Mumsnet to find out more and watch out for the exciting things we have coming up, including this year's Family Friendly Awards.


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