How we decided who won a Family Friendly Programme Award in 2012


Family FriendlyTo qualify for an award, every Family Friendly programme member had to agree to have an internal and external review.

The internal review included looking at HR policies, training, premises and how companies communicated their family-friendly policies to staff.

It also involved gathering staff feedback, via a confidential survey by our research partner The Parent Zone.

The external review involved Mumsnetters doing some "secret shopping" to find out how family friendly companies were with their customers - looking at customer service, premises, marketing and value for money

All of the results were put together and scored in order to decide whether to award a company bronze, silver or gold.

Mumsnet Family Friendly Gold winner stampWhat we were looking for:

  • Bronze - companies had already to be meeting all of their statutory requirements and had to be looking at ways to make life easier for their staff, clients and customers
  • Silver - companies were enhancing some of their benefits and staff told us that these were making a difference for them. Mumsnetters told us they were able to identify specific family-friendly aspects to the service they experienced.
  • Gold - companies had innovative policies in place, including enhanced staff benefits and practical approaches to ensure their policies were having an impact and reaching staff at all levels. Mumsnetters told us these companies were leading the way in family-friendly practices.


Finally, we invited companies to submit an entry for an innovation award to showcase their most innovative ideas for making themselves more family friendly.


Last updated: 22-Nov-2012 at 10:58 AM