Butlins - a Family Friendly company


Families are at the heart of absolutely everything Butlins does, that's why we're delighted to be involved in the Mumsnet Family Friendly Programme.

Family-friendly things you didn't know about Butlins

1. There are three Butlins resorts in the UK, and they're all set on family-friendly beaches in West Sussex (Bognor Regis), Somerset (Minehead) and Lincolnshire (Skegness).

2. Butlins is pretty much open all year round. You and your whole family can even take a break over Christmas Day itself. (Hurrah! A break for everyone, including Mum and Dad.)

3. Butlins offer accommodation to sleep families big and small (a little secret – the beds in the Ocean Hotel even have 'no-monsters-under-the-bed' lighting).

4. Celebrity chef, Brian Turner CBE, runs a family-friendly British gastro-food restaurant at Butlins Bognor Regis (and the Head Chef is ex-Ivy, sweetie).

5. The fairground rides and access to Splash Waterworld won't cost you a penny more at Butlins ("again, again" they'll say, and you'll say "oh, alright then").


Five family-friendly values Butlins live by

1. Eat together and eat well

Butlins welcomes the support of Mumsnet to develop more and more places for the whole family to enjoy together. We feel that a family should be able to 'eat well and eat together' which is why we provide a range of options for our diners. Whether it be in the Deck or the Firehouse, we want to make it a special time for families to create memories.

2. Something for everyone is all part of the price

Ever since Sir Billy Butlin recruited his first Redcoat, it's been every team member's job to make sure our guests are entertained and always made to feel special. There is something for everyone at Butlins (and most of our entertainment is included in the price, panic over).

3. We've always been showmen at heart

Because children's lives are becoming more and more sedentary, at Butlins there's a big ambition to promote both indoor and outdoor fun activities for the whole family, as well as our live interactive shows. Views from Mumsnetters on how energised the Butlins resorts leave them will go a long way in helping Butlins develop an invigorating environment that continues to contrast with the grey and (often uninspiring) world outside.

4. A place to stay of comfort and happiness

Parents often find themselves taking care of everyone else before themselves. Butlins understands family time together is important, but we also believe that moments of peace and tranquillity for parents (such as spas, beauty treatments and sunny sea-view balconies to enjoy a book on) is time well spent. We work hard to develop family dining plans and provide daily housekeeping (in premium accommodation) too, to take some of the hard work out of your stay so you can spend as much time as possible together.

5. Rain never stops play

We spend our lives living by the clock, so when you're at Butlins we offer the flexibility of choosing what to do from a whole host of daily shows and activities. If you want to change your plans midway through the day, Butlins' schedule will adapt to you. It's this flexibility that Butlins strive to deliver, even when the great British weather sets in. Our Skyline Pavilions offer all-weather facilities, all year round, so rain really doesn't ever stop play at Butlins.

Don't just take our word for it...

Here's what some of our guests and team say:

Alex Polizzi, Daily Telegraph and Channel 5 Hotel Inspector: "As a hotelier, I cannot but be impressed at how the company manages to transmit the Butlins ethos to so many employees, who, without exception, were charming, friendly, helpful, smiling, knowledgeable about everything... Billy Butlin would be proud".

Karen, guest at Butlins Minehead: "Butlins have done a great job of trying to find activities and entertainment for all age groups. We didn't hear "I'm bored" once and our three year old didn't want to leave!"

Lucy, sports coach at Butlins Minehead: "We're trained to makes sure safety comes first without compromising on the fun. With activities like archery and the high ropes you can't be too careful. Guests get a wonderful sense of achievement when they try something new like this."



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