Family Friendly Awards and programme

Childcare costs - a barrier to work?

childcare costs report

67% of mothers in work and 64% of those not working cited the "high cost of childcare" as a barrier to taking on more employment, in a survey of nearly 2,000 mothers with children under 10. The survey was used to inform a report published in association with the Resolution Foundation on how this may affect mothers' choices in the labour market.

Family Friendly companies

Family Friendly

Who's family friendly to work for? Read about our members, and the 2013 award winners. We'll be adding to the list as more companies join up; keep watching to find out who's making life easier for families.

Family Friendly talk

Call centre

We asked how Mumsnetters felt working life in call centres could be more family-friendly. We also asked for thoughts on hot desking.

Guest post from Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg

As the government's Children and Families Act gains Royal Assent, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg explains what the changes to parental leave, school meals and childcare will mean for families.

Family Friendly on the boards

Traditional pram

Talk: Find out what Mumsnetters have to say on the subject of making life more family friendly - from the impact of the government's childcare plans to the question of quotas for women on company boards.

Do you work for a Family Friendly company?

Nominate a company

If you would like to find out how your company could join the Family Friendly Programme and benefit from being a member, please get in touch.

Policies and pledges

Policies and pledges

Find out what other organisations are saying about family-friendly policies, and what the Coalition government has pledged to do.

Programme aims


Find out what our Family Friendly programme is setting out to do, as we strive to make Britain one of the best places in Europe to raise a family.

Family Friendly wifi

FF Wi-Fi

Any idea what your children can access on public wifi? We're calling on companies to be open about the status of their public WiFi and sign up to commit to applying appropriate filters in our new Family Friendly WiFi programme.

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