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Registration and morning coffee

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Welcome & introduction

Justine Roberts, CEO Mumsnet

9.35am - 10.30am

Keynote panel: How do you do it all?

Ever wondered how certain high-performing women manage to juggle career, family and social life – still maintain an unflappable inner cool? We’ll be hearing from three achievers from the worlds of media, politics and charity who'll speak candidly about staying on top on their game, the tips and tricks of their professional success – and the trade-offs they make to keep track of a creative vision. Join Karen Blackett, Jo Swinson, Sara Bennison and Shami Chakrabarti in this keynote chaired by Gaby Hinsliff, as they discuss how to create the conditions for success whilst maintaining an involvement in the lives of loved ones.

10.30am - 11.15am

Breakout Session

1. CV masterclass

A recent survey showed that a prospective employer spends an average of 8.8 seconds scanning your CV before deciding whether to interview you or not – so it’s vital that you make an impact from the get-go. If you’re questioning whether your CV would pass muster – or want to rip it up and start again – then don’t miss out on our comprehensive CV masterclass from Mildred Talabi, author of ‘7 Keys to a Winning CV”, who'll help you craft an outstanding resume that really opens doors.

2. Flexible working

Balancing a successful and fulfilling work life with a family, relationship and social life is a challenge facing many working women – and sometimes, the solution is a vigorous career shake-up. Our panel – featuring Sara Hill, founder of Capability Jane, Sharon Doherty, Group Organisation and People Development Director of Vodafone, and chair Carola Hoyos, Recruitment Editor of the Financial Times – will be discussing how we can create a marketplace that fosters a supportive working culture, as well as helping you to forge a top-quality part-time career.

3. Start-up do's and don'ts

Want to start a business but unsure of the first steps to take? Feeling at sea with the abundance of information online and tips on offer from well-meaning friends? Join Mumsnet Founder and CEO Justine Roberts in conversation with Eileen Burbridge, Partner at Passion Capital, the leading early-stage technology venture capital investment firm, and Kathleen Mitchell, Vice President EMEA at Stella & Dot, as they discuss the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the crunch of starting your own business. This talk will explore everything from the genesis of an initial idea, taking action and following it through to completion – and how to sidestep the potholes in the process to ensure you make, not break your venture.

11.15am - 11.45am

Morning coffee break

11.45am - 12.35pm

Breakout Session

1. How to make your career click into place

Zena Everett, one of Mumsnet’s favourite careers and coaching experts, will help you define and achieve your career goals. Together you’ll look at what the concept of ‘career’ means to you by examining the motivations that drive your working life, and the obstacles that stand in the way of a more fulfilling career. Zena will explain how to differentiate yourself in a digital, highly competitive market, and how to define your own expertise on your CV and LinkedIn profile. This session will help you to find better work more quickly – whether through promotion, a new permanent or freelance role or a career change.

2. Building your business from scratch: everything you need to know

A 50-minute crash course hosted by Barclays looking at how to be an entrepreneur and a parent: here’s everything you should know before you start a new business. The session features talks from a panel of entrepreneur mums: Beth Kempton (Founder of Do What You Love), Cecile Reinaud (Creative Director & Founder of Seraphine), Dale Murray CBE (Co-Founder, Omega Logic) and Jagdeep Rai (Head of SME, Barclays UK), offering invaluable advice and practical tips for success, as well key lessons learnt along the way – you’ll leave with the tools to go forth to launch your own enterprise.

3. Kickstart your return to work

Getting back to work after a multi-year career break can be daunting, no matter how successful you were in your former working life. Join Julianne Miles and Katerina Gould, Co-founders of Women Returners, to discuss the steps to take to find a satisfying role and to market yourself effectively with a large CV gap. This session will help to tackle some of the barriers you are facing, will answer some of your burning questions and will give you the boost you need to move into action.

12.35pm - 2.00pm


2.00pm - 2.50pm

Breakout Session

1. Taking the plunge

Starting your business is a daunting prospect, but it could be the most rewarding step you’ll ever take. If you daydream about kick-starting an empire, but lack the guidance needed to turn fantasy into reality, don't miss this panel. Our inspirational speakers – including nutrition expert and author Annabel Karmel, Founder of WAH Nails Sharmadean Reid, jewellery designer Nicole Akong of Akong London and Carmel McConnell, the brains behind Magic Breakfast – will share the lessons they've learnt on the road to success, and help you take the plunge.

2. LinkedIn Masterclass

Linkedin is the world’s largest network of influential professionals – but how do you maximise its potential for your business? We’ll be hearing from Sally Keane, Account Director for Linkedin Marketing Solutions in the UK, to find out how to use Linkedin for maximum impact in order to grow revenue, spark crucial connections, and boost your business.

3. How to get your mojo back and restart your career

You’ve been out of the career game while you’ve been looking after kids (which turned out to be a much harder job than you think) – and the professional environment seems like a world away from where you are now: 'wheels-on-the-bus' on a mental loop, a nappy bag filled with breadstick crumbs, and rapidly wilting career confidence. You sense it's time for a change, but it feels as though you're standing in your own way.

Join experienced Impact Coach, ‘Mumtrepreneur’ and former BBC producer Esther Stanhope to learn how to boost your confidence and get your mojo back. She’ll help you walk into any situation feeling fabulous, credible and on top of your game, by re-discovering your sense of humour, understanding how to maximize your best assets and learning to stop giving yourself a hard time.

(This session is most suitable for delegates who are about to go back to work but lack confidence)

3.00pm - 3.50pm

Breakout Session

1. Case study: Social media for freelancers and small businesses

The might of social media can transform your business in numerable ways – but how best to go about using it professionally? In this session, Founder of The Digital Marketing Bureau James Dearsley will be discussing how to craft a social media strategy suitable for your start-up as well as sharing insights from his own success story of building a brand around networks such as Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, showing how the business boost you need is only a fingertip stretch away.

2. Interview Workshop

Interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences, especially if you feel as if you’ve been out of the career loop for a while or feel flummoxed after a run of interviews which didn’t clinch the job – but they really needn’t be. Professional career coach Diana Norris will be on hand to explain how to combat different interview techniques, present your skills and capacities effectively, ask insightful questions and how to approach the etiquette of following-up an interview appropriately. By the end of the workshop you’ll feel confident and prepared going in to your next interview and on the highroad to kickstarting your career once more.

3. How to pitch your business idea with pizzazz and personality

If you're hesitant about stepping into the spotlight and really ‘selling yourself’, you're not alone – many women struggle with self-doubt or are preoccupied with perfection, with the result that when they stand up to pitch their ideas, they find that their personalities have left the building! But it's perfectly possible to learn how to pitch with pizzazz and flair – join Impact Coach, entrepreneur and former BBC producer Esther Stanhope who'll share the tricks and tips that will turbo-charge your confidence, and have you commanding the room in seconds. She’s helped hundreds of professionals in global organizations win pitches by discovering talents they didn’t know they possessed – and can help you too.

(This is suitable for returners & entrepreneurs)

3.50pm - 4.20pm

Afternoon break

4.20pm - 4.50pm

Closing Keynote

To round-up the day’s excitement, we’re thrilled to welcome the indomitable CEO & Founder of Ultimo, and Co-owner of Ultimo Brands International Michelle Mone to the stage, who will be sharing insights from her incredible career and telling us how she made it against all odds.

One of the UK’s top female entrepreneurs, Michelle has built a hugely successful career on one incredibly simple concept: helping women to look and feel their very best. Michelle’s rise to the top – chronicled in her autobiography ‘My Fight to the Top’ – is an extraordinary rags-to-riches tale, from the days spent in the East End of Glasgow as a young mother with no qualifications to running a £50m empire with 15 patented inventions and brands.

From learning how to get ahead in business, building a global brand and learning how to keep it together through life’s challenges, Michelle will give her unique take on how to come back from the brink and achieve your goals.

4.50pm - 5.00pm

Chairs' closing remarks

Mumsnet CEO, Justine Roberts draws together the themes and content from the day, and answer questions from the floor.

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