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Brilliant ticket offer - £45 if you book now! 

Expecting a baby? Befuddled by the apparently endless (and occasionally contradictory) reams of advice and information? Too busy and/or nauseous to wade through it all? You need BUMPFEST, our one-day event dedicated to demystifying all things baby-related.

Tickets are £75 - but we've a very special offer for Mumsnetters. Book now, entering the discount code MUMSNETTER in the promo code section, and you'll get a whopping £30 discount - bringing the ticket price down to £45. Simple!

Bring your partner (or even your mum!) for only £35

Partners are very welcome at Bumpfest, our one-day event aimed at parents-to-be - and we've a cracking offer if you want to bring along a plus-one. Partner tickets are only £35, so the two of you can come along for a jam-packed day of expert advice and hands-on workshops, for a grand total of £80

Book now for you and your partner (or even your mum, or a supportive friend) - and combine it with our special Mumsnetter offer above to nab the full discount.

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