Gifts for teachers

Gingerbread man giftWhen end of term looms, you'll probably run through the following questions in your head if you're thinking of giving your child's class teacher a gift ie How much should you spend? Do flowers end up 'regifted'? How can you add a personal touch? So, we've combed the Talk boards for helpful Mumsnetters' ideas for gifts for teachers.

To flower or not to flower

They're attractive, easy to find and won't break the bank. What's not to love?

  • I'd never buy flowers... I mean where are teachers supposed to put them all?
 Unless you buy them 101 vases, too? WorraLiberty
  • I'd buy a plant rather than flowers as they last longer. Also the teacher may be going on holiday straight after breaking up, in which case flowers could be a waste. Beanbagz
  • In my experience flowers have always been appreciated and they don't add clutter to the teacher's house. carrotsandcelery
  • Flowers are great and you can always get your children to check if teacher is going away so that you can give them early if needed. HappyMummyOfOne
  • Flowers are a lovely gift. I usually buy a few bunches and make some smaller posies up. Last year I got little tin buckets in Tesco and used those. I make them for teachers, helpers, piano teacher and the swim coaches. QueenMaeve


Edible gifts for teachers

There's nothing like a sugar rush at the end of term...

  • If there are a few staff members to shop for then I buy nice chocs or biscuits but give them a week or two before the end of term so that they can be scoffed in the staff room. BalloonSlayer
  • My daughter is planning to make a jar of sweeties from the 60s/70s when her teacher was young - so flying saucers, strawberry bon-bons and gobstoppers... in a jar from Lakeland with a hand-drawn label. ByTheWay1
  • A parent sent us a box of different tea bags/coffee/hot chocolate/cordial to share in the staff room. Really thoughtful and lasted ages, probably cost less than 10 separate gifts. theamum


Top 10 teacher gift suggestions

1. Flowers
2. Potted plants
3. Wine
4. Chocolates
5. Nice coffee
6. Vouchers - great when clubbing together
7. Biscuits, cake and other baked goods
8. Handmade gifts - ie class calendar
9. Personalised mug
10. Smellies

Homemade prezzies

Save money, get the kids involved and congratulate yourself on a unique gift...

  • Find out about the teacher. My son said his teacher loves rabbits and has one so we have bought a rabbit from the bear factory (made by my son) with a sash saying 'Class of 2012'. 39widow
  • For my son's teacher I have nicked an idea I saw on Pinterest. A beach towel (£4 ASDA) wrapped up with a magazine, bag of sweets and a cocktail in a can...all tied up with a ribbon and a tag wishing her happy holidays. Squinty
  • My daughter's pre-school class have all drawn a picture of their teacher, which one of the lovely mothers is making into a calendar. millingtonsmummy
  • My son is going to decorate a mug. missorinoco
  • We put together a gift bag labelled Teachers' Revival Kit - and inside put a copy of Grazia (or some other fluff), a chocolate bar the size of your head, some bubble bath/smellies and a mini bottle of wine. Always seems to go down well. KittyKitty
  • My daughter had an amazing teacher a few years ago. We got all the children to bring in a photo of themselves and a note they had written about her. We put them all in an album and presented it to her. Made her cry but in a good way. catclarks
  • I have three children in school, so we don't actually spend anything on presents as we can't afford it. However, for the last week of term the kids will each write a card/notecard to their teacher and we'll make a batch of biscuits and put them in a nice box. UnSocialite
  • We make cake here as we have five at the same school at the moment. So we make a massive chocolate cake for the staff room, which the kids ice and write messages on in wobbly writing. Plomino
  • Last year the children helped me make chocolate truffles, which we put in little boxes decorated with ribbon. kbaby


Other gift ideas for teachers

Smellies and wine are traditional for a reason...

  • The parents in my daughter's class have all clubbed together and we're going to buy vouchers. That way the teacher gets something decent and we don't all have to think what to buy. howhardcanthisbe
  • Wine always goes down well. 39widow
  • I'm giving my daughter's teacher an itison voucher for afternoon tea for two. It cost £12. Squinty
  • I tend to avoid the obvious gifts as I suspect teachers have hundreds of 'Teacher' mugs after a decade or so in the job.
I usually give something that can be used up ie nice hand soap, hand cream etc, as teachers surely can't have room for 30 gifts twice a year, forever. carrotsandcelery
  • Lovely things pupils have given me over the years include: an Orla Kiely mug (posh), candles, nice coffee, a very nice peg bag, a flowery garden trowel and a wicker heart wreath that hangs on my door. Whereismywine
  • My child's school staff toilets are full of little hand soaps, moisturisers, talcs and other smellies that they get from the kids... so maybe that's a good idea. WorraLiberty


It's truly the thought that counts...

  • My husband is a teacher in a pretty tough inner-city school and while he likes the wine gifts, it's the cards and notes that he treasures, he keeps them all in a file. Particularly if the student has written in it and the parent added a comment. When life's hard, he gets out his file and reminds himself that he really does make a difference to kids' lives and, yes, he wells up every time. wisecamel



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