Back to school

back to schoolPreparing for the first day at school? Whether it's the first time ever, a move to a new school or simply getting back into your morning routine again after the long summer holidays, we've got you covered.

From primary school tears (yours) to secondary school jitters (theirs) the been-there-done-that, bought the aertex shirt wisdom of Mumsnetters is here to help. 


Starting primary school

There's a lot you can do to smoothe the process of starting school. You and your child just need to know what to expect and how to plan for it.

The school run

Getting out the door on a school morning can be stress free if you plan it with military precision. And then there's the journey to school… Here's how to make mornings work for you.

Starting secondary school

male pupil

Going from being top dogs at school back to the bottom of the pile can be an anxious time for children. Here's how to prepare them, practically and emotionally, for the move to secondary school.

School reading list

starting school

There's a wealth of great books out there to read with your children on the subject of starting school for the first time. We've gathered Mumsnetters' suggestions for the best ones to help prepare them for their first day.

Lunchbox dos and don'ts

lunchbox salad

If school meals aren't for you, then the start of the school year can be an unwelcome return to the drudgery of packed lunch preparation. Here's how to expand your repertoire and avoid lunchbox pitfalls.



Should you help or hover? Here are some cunning tips to ensure homework gets done and how to know when you should step in to help.