How to crochet a flower

Loop flowersCrochet a bouquet of mop-head flowers. Crochet flowers make charming decorations on coats and scarves or can be adapted into colourful hair scrunchies for children.

The smallest, easiest stitch is the chain stitch. It is usually a base for other stitches, but these flowers are made entirely with chain and slip stitches.

A chain ring is filled with chain loops, then chain bars behind are filled with more chain loops.

Materials for crochet flowers

  • 1 x 50g ball of Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran in colour of your choice.
  • 5.50mm hook

About 6cm across

ch – chain
cm – centimetres
ss – slip stitch
[ ] – repeat instructions number of times given

Download a PDF of the crochet flowers project

Loop flowers 

1. Make slip knot.

Loop flowers


2. Make 4 chains.

Loop Flowers

Slip stitch into the first chain to form a chain ring.

Loop Flowers

4. Round 1
[10 ch, ss into ring] 8 times. (8 loops)

Loop Flowers

5. Round 2
[3 ch, take ch behind 2 loops and ss into ring] 4 times. (4 bars.)

Loop Flowers

6. Round 3
*Working behind loops, into next bar: ss, [10 ch, ss] 4 times; repeat from * 3 times. (4 loops worked in each bar)

Loop Flowers

Fasten off, by cutting ball end of wool about 10cm from flower and drawing through last loop.

Loop Flowers

On round one work the slip stitches around the tail end of the yarn as well as the chain of the ring and you will then have one end less to darn in.


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