Win a trip to Jackson's Bakery

Jackson's BakeryJackson's Bakery is part of the William Jackson Food Group. Established in Hull, it remains a family-owned enterprise - current chairman Nicholas Oughtred is the great, great grandson of the company's founder, William Jackson!

Our 'Yorkshire's Champion' bread is available in five different varieties including white, brown and seeded bloomers, as well as white and brown farmhouse loaves. What’s more we boast Yorkshire provenance as our wheat is grown, milled and baked in Yorkshire, making it a true Yorkshire Champion!

Here at the bakery we are proud of what we do and would like to invite 5 lucky Mumsnetters to visit our bakery. This will include a bread making workshop, a tour of our bakery and a Champion Lunch to finish!

Alternatively, if Yorkshire is a little too far for you to travel, we are giving away a luxurious Yorkshire hamper filled to the brim with delicious Yorkshire treats. It is key to outline that the visit will take place during half term on the 1 November, so of course the children are invited also!Jackson's Bakery

WIN! 5 lucky Mumsnetters will win a trip to the Jackson's Bakery on 1 November and enjoy a bread making workshop. Alternatively, there is a luxurious Yorkshire hamper up for grabs.


Competition closing date: 24 October 2013

*Due to health and safety, the bakery tour is for children eight and over only.


Last updated: 07-Oct-2013 at 12:02 PM