Win a set of Tree Fu Tom books worth 60

tree fu tomTurn the magic on and save the day with this range of Tree Fu Tom books from the hugely popular CBeebies series.Join Tree Fu Tom and his faithful sidekick Twigs on their amazing adventures in the enchanted world of Treetopolis.

Tom appears to be a normal eight-year-old boy but when he puts on his magic belt and performs a special sequence of movements he transforms into a tiny but mighty, magical superhero.

Children are all encouraged to join in the Tree Fu magic moves, which are developed from therapeutic techniques that are used to help children with movement disorders, but are also designed to assist and enhance the development of all participating children at a crucial time in their growth.

Pre-schoolers can take a trip to a magical world full of sprites, bugs and naughty fungi with the Tree Fu Tom range of books. Click here to see the full range. 

WIN! Three lucky Mumsnetters will win the whole set of Tree Fu Go books courtesy of Random House




Last updated: 01-Oct-2013 at 3:01 PM